My Volkswagen Beetle Car Tour

Hey guys! For some reason I love cars. I love to look at them and read about them. Some of my favorite videos to watch on Youtube are car tours lol. My ultimate dream car is a Mercedes Benz. I used to be one of those people that was obsessed with jeeps, I mean don’t get me wrong they are still totally cool. But for a person that drives at least 60 miles a day, they do not have the best gas mileage.

The car I drive right now gets around 54mpg, and it is amazing. It takes like 34 bucks to fill up my car (depending on gas prices) and that lasts me around a week. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but on average the car probably drives about 400 miles every week. So with that in mind its pretty darn good.

A nice little side view, it could definitely use a car wash.

My sister and I do share a car. We are twins, so it would have been very expensive if we both got vehicles lol.

“The Bug”

We drive a 2005 Volkswagen Beetle. The person that had the vehicle before us actually turned it into a diesel. I have a love/hate relationship with the car. It has been so good to us, but since it is a diesel it is a little loud lol. I get embarrassed pretty easily so whenever people hear our car and turn their heads it does embarrass me a little lol. But the gas mileage is well worth a little bit of noise.

Whenever we first got our car, our dad put labels that said “Diesel gas only” all over the car and gas opener part. Which is pretty funny.

We have two cupholders. They are both usually filled with change and bobyins. That black think sticking out is a little swivel thing for the cupholders. I honestly really like the radio. It isn’t high tech or anything but it does change colors lol and have an aux chord! The car has two charging ports, also the usb/aux chord charges while you play music as well.

I didn’t take a picture of the pull down compartment. But all it as in it is napkins and various insurance/ car manuals.

For some reason almost all beetles smell like crayons? I know it’s totally weird and I have no idea why. So in order to mask that smell we use air fresheners. Here are some of my favorites!

Black Ice

Natural Life

Yankee Candle

The console

The console is very small. In here we just have the basics like a few cds, pens, cash, hair ties, hair combs, and thats about it.

The sunroof is one of my favorite parts. It makes the car feel open if that makes and sense.

Our car seats 4 people. It only has two doors, so you have to lean the chair forward in order to get in. In the back we always have a blanket and an umbrella. And typically you can find various school work/other junk back there as well.

Our car is all leather! This is another thing that I love about it. It also has heated seats that get veryyyy hot. In the back pockets we have two ice scrapers and a straw apparently. The back is honestly decently spacious as long as the seats aren’t leaned all the way back.

The trunk along with the dash take up a big portion of the car. We have a surprisingly very big trunk. In here we have a swimsuit, tennis shoes, and a few various car thingies that our dad told us to have. Also, I think there is a softball in the back as well. Neither of us play, I just found it one day and it has been in here ever since!

That is our car! It isn’t the fanciest thing ever, but it is cute and very dependable! If any of you guys are in the market for a car I highly recommend a Volkswagen.

Thanks for reading, hope you are having a lovely day.



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