Netflix Vs. Hulu- For the Broke College Student

O the beloved Netflix. I have known it since the old days when the only service the company offered was shipping dvds to your doorstep. Which my family took full advantage of. Us kids would always get so excited every time we saw a little paper holding a movie inside. But is it just me or is Netflix not as cool as it used to be? I mean that could be because it seems like I have watched every show on there over and over again, but I feel like they aren’t producing the good content like they used to lol.

Don’t get me wrong Netflix still has some great options and houses some of my favorite shows, but what happened to the classics like “White Chicks and Bridesmaids?” Nowadays I find myself flicking through the shows & movies settling on a mediocre one that I’ve seen 5x.

So I decided to turn to Hulu for a little bit of help. Not gonna lie, I don’t have my own Hulu account. I use my older brothers lol, but I have been using it enough that I feel like I can form a valid opinion on which one I think you should be spending your money on, in order to get the most bang for your buck!!

Btw all of this is my own opinion supported by a few facts haha.


Okay if you are looking for a streaming service that gets you the most bang for your buck Netflix is definitely it. They are constantly adding new shows and have lots of movies. So basically you are never going to run out of something to watch.

Netflix is the winner of the content round.

Quality Over Quantity

Now if you don’t care too much about quantity and are more of a quality type of person Hulu is your girl. Hulu literally has the best movies and shows. Like Deadpool, Deadpool 2, How to be Single, Letterkenny, just to name a few. They also have some really good Hulu original shows as well. Have you ever heard of “The Act?” It is that one show where this chicks mom is nuts and pretends that she has this super serious disease or whatever. It was super good but got a little too creepy for me, but if you are in to that definitely watch it.

Hulu takes this round.


Both of these streaming services offer a wide range of streaming packages, so I will just be speaking from the ones that I have. I have the $13 a month Netflix subscription that lets me stream from two devices. I went with this one because it allows my sister and I to both be watching it at the same time lol. Netflix also offers the basic package for $9 a month.

With Hulu I have the basic $6 a month package. This allows me to stream whatever movies and shows I want, but it does have ads. For the ad free version of Hulu it costs $12 a month. Eventually I may purchase that package, but for right now the ads don’t bother me and allow for me to take occasionally bathroom breaks lol.

The winner of this round is probably Netflix. I mean technically Hulu is cheaper monthly wise, but it comes with ads. Whereas Netflix is $9 a month and has no ads.

Airing Time

I’m sure if you all have a regular show on Netflix you have probably realized that it is a season late on everything. But if you are a faithful Hulu watcher you probably have never realized the pain of having to wait 3 months to a year, while everyone else in the world already knows what happened on Grey’s Anatomy.

Hulu on the other hand typically gets viewing access to shows the day after they air.

So for this round Hulu is the definite winner.

The Winner

Not gonna lie guys I don’t pay that much attention to sound quality and what not. If I can see the screen clearly and hear it all is well with me. So both the streaming services tie in that category.

Based on points the winner is…………….well it’s a tie.

I know I know you guys probably really didn’t wanna hear that, but it all just depends what you are looking for. If you are looking for a streaming service that gives you so many options you can’t make up your mind, Netflix is right for you. Or if you are looking for a streaming service that has great shows and gives you the feeling of watching cable tv without the price, Hulu is for you!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and hopefully if you are trying to choose between the two this helped you out a little!



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