Sweet Sunday

New Job & Other Life Updates

Hey guys! I am such a complete failure haha, I made this cute little Merry Christmas post that I saved in my drafts, and then completely forgot to post it! O well, I guess that just means I was too busy enjoying the day. I hope that all you guys enjoyed the day. The days between Christmas and New Year are so weird. I always forget what day it is, but I have been taking this down time and working on things for next year. Also, I have been working on my newest business venture! It is truly so so exciting and I cannot wait to share with you guys. So thank you so much for reading and let’s dive in to some life updates.

My New Job

I am going to try to explain this as simple as possible. Sometimes I have the bad habit of making my “short stories” take hours to explain. Anyways, so at my college in one of my classes we did a marketing project and had this guy come in. His name is Dr. Felipe Muhale. He is soooo smart, studied in several different countries, and taught at Saint Louis University in the biology department. Somehow he met his wife and ended up in a small town, which I live very close to. He is good friends with my professor, so he decided to come in and tell us about his new business, and we created a marketing plan for him.

For our final in the class we had to present our marketing plan to him. Well I guess I impressed him, because about a week or two later I received an email asking how my skills could benefit his team. I met with him a few days later, and now I have a new marketing job! It is just kind of a side-gig thing at the moment. I run his social media accounts and also create content for them. It is super exciting and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I truly believe that the only reason I got this was from my hard work and my positive mindset. So if you want somethings super bad, do not give up! Just keep giving it your all and have a positive attitude.

Life Updates

I have been dog sitting this precious pup this week!

Other than my new job, I do not know that I have a whole lot of other life updates. Life is honestly going pretty good. I have been feeling a little bit of overwhelm, especially with this new job, but I know that I will just have to plan my day out better.

I’ve been moving my body a lot this week. Trying to move it with love in order to maybe cancel out some of the food I have been eating haha.


I have been wanting to create one of these for the longest time, and I finally did!!! On January 1st I will be releasing a “How to Start a Blog” ebook in honor of my one year anniversary with blogging! I am super excited about it and proud of myself for sticking with something that I really wanted to do. There has been a lot of time and effort put into it and I can not wait to show you guys. The ebook will cost a small fee, just because I have poured a lot of time and effort into it. The information inside is valuable and something that I wish I would have had when I first started. There is so much information and things to spend your money on when you first start a blog, so I made this in hopes to show you guys some things you should avoid, and others that are worth the investment.

I think that is all the life updates for now! I hope you guys are having an amazing day, and have enjoyed precious time with family & friends.



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