Quarantine Morning Routine

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are all doing well as we navigate through this stressful time. I have been occupying my time with school, work, reading, and spending quality time with my loved ones. Hopefully, this will all be over soon, but it has honestly been kind of surreal to live through something like this! All of my thoughts and prayers go to nurses, doctors, scientists, teachers, first responders, parents, and all of you who may be suffering at this time. Since you have all probably come here to get your mind off that stuff I thought that I would share with you a little of what my days have been looking like. Starting off with my morning routine!

Wake Up @ 6

Kicking off my morning routine, I rise and shine at approximately 6am. Since I am doing everything at home I like to have some structure to my day. Before all this happened I would wake up at 4:30am and go to crossfit every morning. That time has been pushed back quite a bit, but I still like to get up and get moving. After I wake up, I immediately drink water and make coffee.


After I have drank my coffee and finished waking up, I put on some clothes and go work out. I have been working out in my garage with a few random weights. The crossfit coaches have still been posting at home workouts, so I do that most mornings.

Shower & Morning Rituals

Following the good sweat session, I like to shower of course. I used to be a night time showerer, but that changed after I started doing morning workouts.

After my shower is over with I go straight into my morning rituals. Routine is a must for me. I make my bed, tidy up my room, and then sit down to do my meditations. I always read my bible, pray, write down my gratitude list, and meditate for a few minutes.


For breakfast I always have protein pudding with an apple. It may sound gross, but it is actually super yummy. I make the protein pudding by mixing straight protein powder with almond milk and stirring till it becomes a smooth pudding consistency. I use the protein by arbonne, it is so good I could seriously eat it with a spoon.


I typically get done eating around 8:30am, and I don’t start school work till 9am. So in-between that time I like to clean up a little bit! Just small chores like putting up the dishes & wiping down the counters.

Work Work Work

Once the clock strikes 9am I go into work mode. We have a little breakfast nook with a table & charts, so that is typically where you can find me while working. Sitting up straight at a table helps me to feel wayyyy more productive. Butttt if I happen to be feeling lazy that day or tired of being around my family you can find me in my room!

Typically, I start with school work then transition into work for my personal brand & other partnership job!

Well that is my morning routine! I hope you guys enjoyed reading. How have you been spending your mornings?

Thanks so much for reading.



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