Quick 7 Minute Hair Curl Tutorial That Lasts All Day Long

Being a person that does not know how to do a lot with hair, I have always loved watching hair tutorials! Throughout the years, I have developed about three hair styles that I wear all the time. One of those is curled hair! The way I curl my hair literally only takes 7 minutes and it lasts me all day, and usually the next day as well.

My Hair Routine

I am going to kick this off by saying that I do have hair that holds curl well, but that being said I do also have a routine to how I get it to hold well.

Hair tends to respond to curl the best when your hair is “dirty,” and by dirty I mean not freshly washed. My hair doesn’t even hold curl well when it is freshly washed. Also, I always put a little bit of baby powder in my hair. This is honestly my holy grail, it gives my hair volume, takes away the oil, and helps my curl last. I just add a little bit in my roots on the top of my head, and also I put a little bit on the underside of my hair.

Super cute look I know.

After all that I split my hair into two sections. I split it where I part my hair at, then I put it into pig tails. Black hair ties are usually my go to when putting it up, but whatever works is fine.

I use a curling wand from hot tools, I have had it for several years and it still works like a charm. I take about a medium sized strand of hair and hold the wand upside down so I start wrapping my hair at the base. Then, I wrap it downward to make my curls smaller

I typically hold the curl for at least 8 seconds. You can go longer or shorter depending on the thickness of your hair. Also, be careful not to burn yourself when holding the end piece lol.

After I take the wand out of the curl, I hold it in my hand for about 5 seconds to allow it to cool a little.

I do that until every strand of hair is curled, then I move on to the next side! On the other side, I try to curl in the opposite direction so my curls don’t combine!

When every piece is curled, I take the hair ties out and run my fingers through my hair little bit. You do not have to do this, personally I just like the loose curl look.

After I comb through my hair a little, I curl a couple pieces starting at the top of my head just to add a little bit of volume. I do this to about five or six pieces of hair, following the same process.

Next after I have added the final curls, I spray my hair. When using hair spray on my hair, I always flip my hair upside down and spray it that way first. I find that it adds a lot of volume. My go-to hairspray is the hair spray by Aussie, but you can use whatever hair spray you have at hand. 🙂

There you have it! My quick 7 minute hair curl tutorial that lasts all day long. Let me know if you try it out!! I hope you guys are having a great day and I will talk to you tomorrow!



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