Riley Green & Scotty McCreery Concert Experience

This past Saturday I went with a couple of my friends to see Riley Green and Scotty McCreery! They were both performing at a local festival near my town.

My Concert Experience

My friends and I got pit tickets. They are some of my favorite tickets to get due to how close you get to be to the stage. The only downside is it gets crowded/hot and when you leave to go get a drink, or go to the bathroom no one saves your spot lol.

Corrie and I 🙂 I am also in love with this snapchat lens!

The concert was veryyyy hot. I wore my friends tank top along with some basic American Eagle shorts. O and I of course wore my Birkenstocks, those are my summer staple.

Sky, Alison, Corrie, and I.

As you can see we got super close to the front, which was exciting! It really didn’t feel like there were that many people there, even though the concert was sold out.

I cannot remember for the life of me who the opener was. I believe he said he was from Nashville. He was really good! So if anyone knows who it is comment down below lol.

Riley Green

Riley Green was super good and had great crowd interaction. He actually got off the stage and touched my hand (along with several other peoples lol). A couple of his hit songs are “There Was This Girl,” and “Georgia Time.”

Scotty McCreery

Sorry I didn’t get any better photos! I took a lot of videos, and sadly I cannot upload those on here. Scotty was also really good and had great crowd involvement. My favorite part was that during one of his songs he threw four giant beach balls into the crowd. He sang quite a few songs that were not his, which I honestly enjoy.

Also, he talked quite a bit which is another one of my favorite things. Like in-between songs he would talk about his life, his journey, and various other things. I feel like it makes the concert much more personal and very enjoyable. Some of his most well known songs at the moment are “This is it,” “Five more minutes,” and “In Between.”

Thank you guys for reading this short and sweet post. Also, I don’t know if this is the case for everyone but it typically works for me. If you take videos/pictures on instagram of an artist make sure to tag them!! Most times they will see it and or respond!

My next concert is going to be seeing Florida Georgia Line, Dan & Shay, and Morgan Wallen in August! So exciting! 🙂

Hope you guys are having a great/safe Memorial Day weekend.



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