Ripleys Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

This past weekend I spent a few days in Gatlinburg, Tennessee which you can read about here. It was so much fun and we visited the Ripleys Aquarium while we were there. It was seriously one of the best places I went to on this trip, and easily the best aquarium I have ever been too!

My Experience

The aquarium did have a small ticket fee, but it was totally worth it. The aquarium had many of your basic animals. But they also had cool new ones that I had never seen before.

These seahorses were so neat and one of the first things I saw. They are so cute and tiny I just wanted to have my own lol. Some of the seahorses were even wrapped around the the plants which was adorable.

In front of the tank

The tanks were so big, and they had it to wear you could walk underneath them. There was a moving floor in all the aqarium rooms. I had never been on one of those before, so it was pretty neat.

A group of us in front of a tank

Penguins are my absolute favorite animals to see. They are so cute, I could watch them all day. They had these little tanks where you could crawl to the middle and peep your head through. Sky and I tried to take a selfie with a penguin, but it didn’t quit workout.

Gah all the colors are so pretty, and the sharks were so awesome to look at.

This picture was another one of those where you could peak your head through. All the little fishies made for such a cool photo.

My Favorite Part

My favorite things out of the whole aquarium were definitely the interactive parts. They let you touch jelly fish, horseshoe crabs, and stingrays. The jelly fish felt so weird but were so cool. Their shells were surprisingly hard, whereas I had pictured them to feel very squishy. The horseshoe crab was hard and pretty well just like a normal crab. I didn’t get any pictures of those. My favorite thing to touch was definitely the stingray. I even got to feed one of them. It was so cool.

You had to let the jellyfish come to the surface, and then you could touch them with two fingers!
The stingrays were in a giant glass encasement. You can stand around the edge and touch them as they came up to the surface. I think they like the attention!

This was such a cool experience, and I highly recommend going if you are around the area! I will definitely be coming back!

Hope you enjoyed reading.



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