Side Hustles For College Students

Money. Everyone has gotta have it, and if you didn’t know college is very expensiveeeee, and at times it can be a little hard to balance a job with college. Personally, I have no problem balancing the two and add in side hustles for extra money, but I know that is not the case for everyone. So today I am here to share with you some side hustles to help you make it through college, or even if you aren’t in college these ideas will more than likely help you too! 🙂

Side Hustles


I know that this one may be a little hard at first if you moved away to go to school, but it is important to get yourself out in a new community and make connections. Babysitting/nannying is perfect because they are both very flexible jobs. They also pay pretty decent!

Also, once you get in good with a family they may have you come back to dogsit, housesit, walk their dog, etc! The community for babysitters is also really good when it comes to referrals. This summer I babysat for two different families and the amount of people they have referred me to is crazy lol, so definitely do a good job when you babysit. 😉

House Cleaner

This one is a great one too when it comes to flexible jobs! I also find that the referrals are also super good when it comes to house cleaining as well. Sometimes finding house cleaner jobs can be a little hard, so I highly recommend signing up for This post is definitely not sponsored by them (I wish) but I have used personally and love it.

The only thing I don’t like is you have to pay a small fee to actually use it, which kind of blows. But it is a small fee, so I don’t think it will break the bank too much even as a college student. Also, more than likely if you moved away you have things in your dorm room/apartment that you can clean with! Like a vacuum, broom, Clorox wipes, etc, and depending on the family they may provide the products!


Some of you may roll your eyes when you see this but the reality is we live in the 21st century and these are both booming industries. Thus it is a great time to jump in. I find that it can be a little over saturated, but if you have something special to offer by all means go for it!! Personally, I love blogging it has become my little baby.

Also, I plan to start a YouTube channel soon! I am genuinely so excited for it. I just have to save up a little money for a camera and good editing software. If you are wanting to start a blog, but are wondering where to start I am actually creating an ecourse for how to start a blog that will be up soon! So stay tuned for that, I am super excited about it!!

Sell Things/Services

Selling things can be like selling old clothes, you could make bracelets, or various other crafts. You can also sell services! I know that can be taken in a bad way lol but I am talking about like tutoring/helping people with homework. You could walk dogs, just whatever you’re into more than likely you could create a service out of it.


I of course had to share this one with you guys, because it is the love of my life. Yes if you do not know what arbonne is please go read this post. Basically I started it about 4 months ago and it has changed my life in the best way possible. It makes me an incredible side income and I work on it for like 30m a day. So it is obviously a no brainer to add it to this list!

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you have an incredible day!



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Also, if you didn’t like my ideas I am sure you will find a good one on this list lol.

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