Storytime: Sister Fights

I have a twin sister and I have shared everything with her my entire life. Some of my best memories with her are our fights. I know that probably sounds terrible but it is very true! There are a couple fights in particular that stand out, so I hope that you get a good laugh out of this lol.

Lysol Spray

One day I was cleaning our room (Sarah is so messy) and Sarah had trash on the dresser. As I was picking through the trash, I noticed that she had an old theme park ticket that she had kept. I knew that she didn’t need it so I ripped it up and threw it away. She came downstairs to our room and discovered that I had thrown it away.

Sarah started flipping out and went to my closet and started pulling down all my clothes off the hanger. I know that is such a passive aggressive thing to do, but nothing makes me madder than someone making a mess of my clothes. So I grabbed the lysol off my dresser and sprayed her with it. There wasn’t really any harm done with it, but it obviously made for a very funny fight.

Crotch Kicks

Lol with a name like this I am sure you are probably thinking many things. But my sister and I used have sleepovers on the couch a lot for fun. We used to sleep longways, so I would be at one end and she would be at the other. A lot of the times we would fight over what to watch on tv or things along those lines, and then we would proceed to kick each other in the crotch until one of us caved. I know that sounds so ridiculous lol, but it is what we would do!

Obviously, we had many more fights besides these two, but these are the ones that I find the funniest. So I hope you got some laugh out of this short and sweet post! Thanks for reading.



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