Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Happy Saint Patricks Day! I am personally not Irish but I do think that this little holiday is pretty fun. Currently, I am in Indianapolis this weekend and it is actually snowing! So I do not think many parade festivities will be going on today lol. I did walk around downtown yesterday and there were several little festive things going on. One of my favorite things to do when I go to little cities is to walk around. I love the atmosphere and the energy that is in the air if that makes any sense lol. The idea of moving to a small city in the future sounds lovely. But I may miss my small town a little too much! I hope you guys had a great weekend! 🙂

I got some blue light glasses finally!

Here is the pair I purchased!

Week Overview

On Monday I actually started a new job, which I am super excited about. I am a brand partner with the company PreBuilt Marketing. I actually created a blog post that tells you all about it which you can find here. Also, I tried out a self tanner! It was only $6 dollars and it works super good!!! I am in love with it. You can find it here.

Tuesday was a typical day. I did quite a bit of work and hung out outside. The weather has been lovely this week. Wednesday I did my normal routine of things. Lol school, crossfit, work, and hung out with my grandparents.

On Thursday I had a lot of tests. I am coming up on spring break so I teachers are trying to finish up chapters. Also, I uploaded two posts on Thursday! I was on a roll lol.

Dinner at Mcalisters.

Friday was a pretty big day. I went to school as usual, but we had a blood drive so I participated in that. Typically I always give blood when the American Red Cross is in town. I am sorry if it makes you queasy but it hurt my arm quite a bit this time! Usually I hardly feel any pain when giving blood, but they used a different arm than normal and I could really feel the needle. After that I went and did another open workout at crossfit. That workout sucked very very badly. Giving blood, snatches, and burpees are not a good combination at all. I could probably retry the workout and get a better score, but it sucked so bad that I really do not want to.

The escape room.

We left for Indianapolis on Friday and arrived around 10 o clock at night. Saturday my family and I woke up and had a pretty slow morning. We went and walked around Indianapolis which was lots of fun! There was an escape room that we also participated in. I had never done one of those before. It was pretty hard, but fun nonetheless. We stayed in a Drury Inn hotel this weekend and it was sooooo crowded. My little brother kept wanting to go down and swim but it was packed to the brim. I typically like staying in Drury Inns because of the free breakfast. It is so nice to just walk down and get a warm meal lol.

Little Isaac
Logan and I

I am super excited about some of my posts coming up this week! This week is my last week before spring break! yayyyy. Then I only have 7 weeks till I graduate. So exciting! I hope you guys have a great week!



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