Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Happy Sunday guys! I am officially on spring break! There is little jealousy in me of all the people going on vacation during spring break, but I will be enjoying my time at home lol. This week has honestly been so nice. We have been having such nice weather, which always puts me in a happy mood. I am looking forward to warmer weather, but I am not a fan of when it gets super hot! My favorite thing to do in the summer is to go to the lake and float around on the water. It is so much fun! Anyways, I guess I will go ahead and tell you guys about my week. Enjoy!

Week Overview

I started off the week with my typical Monday. Just school, crossfit, and blog. I had quite a bit of school stuff this week, and I have even more of it next week which sucks, but it’ll be alright.

Tuesday I honestly didn’t do a whole lot either. It was nice outside so I took some pictures!

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Blue light glasses

It was very rainy this Wednesday. I enjoy a little rain, but it does kind of put a bummer on the day when you are out and about. But when I am at home and it rains I always enjoy it! Also, I shot a shotgun for what I believe is the first time. My grandpa wants me to go turkey hunting with him next weekend so we will see how that goes! On Wednesday I also did my usual routine of school, dance, and grandparents.

Thursday was a pretty normal day too. I am sorry if this gets repetitive I just genuinely do pretty well the same thing on every week day lol. We have this thing called spring fling every year before the first day of spring break and there is a talent show in it. The past two years I have done one of my solo routines in it. This year I didn’t do an actual competition solo, but I did my solo that I did two competition season ago at the school, if that makes any sense. So I practiced that quite a bit Thursday night since the talent show was the next day.

Got to hold chicks at school the other day!

Friday was such a fun day! It was Spring Fling which was fun/boring, but after that I completed my last crossfit open workout! Yay I am so glad that it is finally ever. I am not sure if I will do it again next year. All the workouts were pretty terrible, like I hate even the thought of them. But it is fun to see how hard you can push yourself. Definitely a mind over matter situation. I am so glad that I started crossfit. It is such a good workout in a small amount of time, and you really develop self-discipline when it comes to pushing yourself during the workouts.

I also hung out with friends on Friday, which was so fun! Spending time with friends is always nice I also went out and saw my grandparents! That is one of my favorite things to do, I love seeing family.

Saturday I pretty well laid around for most of the morning. I was flipping through tv channels and I did not realize that a third season of World of Dance has already been airing! That show is one of my favorites and I had no idea it had even been on for the past couple weeks lol. So I will definitely be catching up on that! I did several things with my blog on Saturday. It was such a nice day, I opened up the windows to let some fresh air in. My brother came over and we hung out for a bit as well. It was a very easy going day, but I love days like that.

Today I am headed to my dance competition!

I hope you guys had a great week and have an even better one this week! 🙂



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