Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Hey guys, happy Sunday! This week has been a pretty good week. I wasn’t too busy, but I did do some fun things. The weather has been starting to get really nice, which is awesome. Today I think is going to be a typical lazy Sunday. I hope you guys are having an awesome weekend.

Week Overview

Starting out the week I was mainly focused on school work. Coming back from spring break I had quite a bit of work that I didn’t touch over the break. Other than that it was my typical Monday. I was in a really good mood this day too. Even though I got stopped by two trains and construction on my way too school lol. Also, I split my leggings at crossfit. It was very awkwarddddd. But I just slipped on my sweatpants and finished the workout!

I love mirror selfies

Tuesday I did more school work, went to crossfit, and took pictures when I got home. Something that I have been doing this week is writing my blog posts ahead of time, instead of the day I post them. I think I am going to continue to do that! It makes things so much easier and helps me to stay ahead.

Spring flowers

Wednesday I had dance pictures. My studio does this thing every year where we go to a studio and take pictures in all of our costumes. It is kinda fun lol, but I was super bummed out because I have a skin infection, so I had to put band aids all over my legs. It was not cute!

Thursday I went to school and crossfit, another typical day. I have also been doing this thing where I take photos in different outfits once a week, so I can post on Instagram everyday! It is super helpful to have a bunch of photos stockpiled up.

Friday I did not go to school. I had to go to the doctor so he could take a look at the skin infection. Which sounds so gross(it kinda is). Basically I got razor burn and it got very infected, and then the infection spread. So I will be on antibiotics for a while lol. Typically I do not like to take medicine but sometimes it is just necessary.

Saturday morning I got up and went turkey hunting with my grandpa. It was a pretty decent time.

Not the cutest pic ever, but my gpa insisted on taking a photo of me.
This is my grandpa, he is so cute

That evening I went to a local little musical festival thing in my town. It wasn’t that big of an event but it was fun. After that I hung out with one of my best friends. I love spending time with friends and family.

This is Alison

I hope you guys have a great week! This week I will actually be skipping Thursdays post and posting on Saturday instead! My class is going on our senior trip and I really do not want to bring my laptop along, just in case anything would happen to it!

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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