Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Hello, Happy Sunday! I hope you guys are having a lovely day. This has been a very fun and eventful week for me! I was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the majority of it. My senior class and I took a trip there. It was lots of fun. Now I am finally home relaxing and getting some work done. I only have three weeks of school left and I am so excited.

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Week Overview

Starting the week off it was my usual Monday. With school, crossfit, and working on the blog. This was the only day I went to crossfit this week, and I am really craving a work out right about now. I hate not exercising it makes me feel gross.

Tuesday was a weird day of school. It was state testing for all of the other grade levels, so I went over to my moms preschool classroom and helped out there all day. It was lots of fun, I love little kids. That night I went home packed up and worked on blog stuff.

Wednesday we left for Gatlinburg. We stopped and ate at Olive Garden on the way there. It was pretty decent, I didn’t get pasta because I knew I would regret eating all of those carbs lol.

I was on this bus for way too many hours

It took like over 6 hours to get where we were staying. We took two charter busses and they were not very comfy. Luckily I do not get car sick, but many of my classmates did. Do you guys get car sick? When we arrived we unpacked and then went out for dinner that night.

My friends and I on the skylift.

Thursday was a full day filled with lots of fun activities. Tomorrow I am making a full post about my trip. I knew that if I included all those details on here it would be way too long lol. Thursday I was a little bummed out that I didn’t upload a blog post, but I wanted to enjoy the trip instead of typing on my computer the whole time.

Visited the Dixie Stampede

Friday was another full day of walking around downtown. We went to places like Wonderworks, trampoline park, and walked around the shops downtown. My friends and I rode the skylift, it was so cool.

The outside of WonderWorks

The majority of the day Saturday was spend riding in a bus. It was incredibly boring but I got some good naps in. Also, the majority of the ride home I was looking at Coachella pictures and videos. Personally, I am a huge fan of it and would love to go sometime. Do you guys like it, or do you think it is over rated?

After I got home I spent time with my family and on my laptop of course. I missed doing all my blog stuff, even though I just took a break for three days.

Questions For You

  • Do you guys like Coachella or do you think it is overrated??
  • Do you guys get car sick?

I hope you guys have a wonderful week, and I will be back with another post tomorrow!!

Lots of love,


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