Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Hey guys! Thanks for joining me on this sweet Sunday. This week was my first week of summer! Yay, I am so grateful for finally being done with school. This week I also started my little summer job. I babysit for a family that has three kids. It is only twice a week, and I absolutely love the kids. I always look forward to seeing them, they are just so wonderful!

I hope you guys had a great week!

Week Overview

On Monday, I started out my week by babysitting! Having someplace to go twice a week really helps to keep me on a little bit of a schedule lol. After I babysat, I just hung out with my family and worked on my blog.

Tuesday I stayed home and hung out by myself. I love being home by myself and just chilling. All I did was work on my blog and clean. Cleaning is one of those things that I secretly love. When I was younger I did not care to have a mess at all, but as I have gotten older I have definitely come to appreciate a clean house.

On Wednesday, I babysat as well. It rained a lot on Tuesday so we played outside in the mud a lot. All the kids are young so they thoroughly enjoyed it! We also gave their dog a bath, he is a labradoodle and o so cute. After that I just went home for the evening.

I gave my dog a haircut, he is so cute!

I have not went to crossfit all week which I hate to admit. Running is something that I have been trying to do. Since it is summer it is hard to get myself to my crossfit class, which is 30m away. I think I may just buy a regular gym membership for the summer and see how that goes.

Thursday my friend Alison came over. We laid out and soaked up some vitamin D. Then we hung out and watched this show on Netflix called “Dead to me.” It is a pretty good show, but towards the end it gets a little too creepy for me. I am more of a comedy or chick flic person lol.

Friday I hung out with another one of my friends. We ate some Mexican food and just hung out. My favorite thing to get at Mexican restaurants are taco salads or fajitas. After hanging out with him I went to a sno cone stand to work with Alison. Working at a sno cone stand is so fun, but I always eat wayyyy to many sno cones.

Saturday was a super fun day. I went with a couple of friends to a local lake/beach. The water was a little cold, but it was nice and sunny.

Today I am just going to do my usual Sunday routine of chilling out and doing work on my blog and on Arbonne!

Hope you guys have a great week.



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