Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope your weekend is filled with family, friends, and remembering the ones who have paid the ultimate sacrifice! Today, I am spending time with family. I think we are going to grill out which will be super good! Hope you guys had a great week!

Week Overview

On Monday, I started the week out by going to a college visit. I got my schedule for the upcoming year. I am not sure how I feel about it yet, but I guess we are going to see how it goes!

Tuesday, I went and hung out with one of my friends. We hung out and then went and got sushi together. I actually tried sushi for the first time about two weeks ago, and I like it a lot! I have always been intimidated by it because of the raw fish, but it is actually really good. So far I have only gotten the rainbow roll, so in the future I will definitely have to broaden my horizons lol.

On Wednesday, I babysat. We did our normal routine of playing outside, playing inside, eating, and nap time. After that I just went home for the evening.

I have been working out on my own this past week. I have honestly been really enjoying it. My dad has a bunch of weights and various other things in his garage, so that is where he always works out at. But, I have always liked going to the gym/classes because I typically have a hard time motivating myself. This week however, I have had lots of motivation. Either that or it is my new pre workout making me have so much energy I need to burn it off lol.

Thursday I hung out at my house and then went to dance later that night. I had not been to dance in about 3 weeks, so it was super nice to go back to eat. We are almost to the end of our season, and my last year dancing. Our recital is June 2nd, but we do have one more nationals competition in the middle of July. So I will probably be attending dance every other week or something like that till then.

I actually babysat for a new family on Friday. It is going to become a regular thing and I love it. The youngest is a year old and sooo cute. They also have two more kids, but I didn’t have to watch them this past week. The baby is so cute, his name is Estel. I absolutely love babies!!

Friday night I spent the night with my friend Alison, and also went to a bonfire with some of my friends. Everyone failed to mention to me to wear jeans, so I had to cover myself in bug spray lol.

Saturday I slept in since I was at Alisons, then we got ready for a concert! Alison, Corrie, and I all went to see Scotty McCreery and Riley Green at a local festival. It was so hot, but sooo much fun. Riley Green was definitely the cutest out of the two lol. They both had really great crowd involvement, and Riley did get off the stage and go and touch peoples hands. He actually touched my hand as well, I tried to get a video of it but that didn’t quite work out.

Riley Green!!
Corrie and I! I am a sucker for some good snapchat filters lol.

I hope you guys have a great week, and have a safe/fun Memorial Day weekend! 🙂



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  • Melissa

    Sorry I hate to say it but Scotty McCreery is cuter. He is an NC boy after all and I live NC. I am jealous that you got to see him in concert. It seems like you had a busy week. It is hot here too. I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

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