Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a great week. Mine was pretty decent this week. I didn’t do anything too crazy but it was definitely a solid week. Today I am going to spend some time outside and hang out with friends and family!

Week Overview

I started out this week at the river. A couple of my friends and I went to a river about 40 minutes away where a couple of their families have cabins. We grilled out, went on the fishing boat, and just enjoyed each others company. I slept there on Sunday night, so I woke up Monday and hung out with everyone for little bit, and then left by noon.

The rest of the day I spent with my family, and just enjoying the nice Memorial Day weather.

On Tuesday, I stayed home and worked on the blog. Since it was a holiday weekend I did not do that much work on the blog or my Arbonne business, so I caught back up on that. Also, I sun tanned for a little bit. I always enjoy soaking up a few rays, but don’t worry I put on sunscreen lol.

Found my sister doing my little brothers makeup lol. I wonder when he will grow out of letting us do this.

Wednesday, I went back to my normal babysitting routine. I actually have a super funny story from babysitting. The family I babysit for has two small girls ages 3 and 5, and then they have a small boy who is 2. Well the girls and I were making cookies and the oldest went to get the cookie cutters. As she was sifting through the cookie cutters she found one that was in the shape of a males private part.

She asked me what it was, and I just responded with “I don’t know,” but her younger sister responded saying that she thought it was a rabbit! Lol this story always makes me laugh and I laughed so much when she first showed me haha. Needless to say, we put the cookie cutters up for the day and just ended up making basic round cookies.

After I had my eventful day of babysitting I hung out with my friend Alison for a bit. We went and ate a local restaurant and then hung out with my other friend Corrie. They are both on this blog a lot if you look around lol. Once we got done eating we went “jeeping” with our other friends Bradan and Kyle.

It was a really fun time. I have always wanted a jeep, but as I have gotten older I have realized that I treasure gas mileage more than looks. So I have decided that I think I can live without one, for now anyways haha.

Thursday was another day spent at home. It was actually a super productive day! I worked on the blog and did lots of work on my Arbonne business. Also, I decided to start selling bracelets! I have always had a love for making bracelets and I finally connected the dots and realized I could start selling them on my blog! So I would love if you guys would go over to my page and check them out!!!

This is what they look like!

Friday was another babysitting day. I absolutely love the kids I watch on Fridays! I mean I love the other ones too, but these kids are so laid back I love it! After babysitting I had a dress rehearsal for my dance recital on Saturday night.

Saturday I spent the morning just chilling. In the evening, I went to my last ever dance recital. Very bittersweet. Leading up to it I wasn’t very sad, but when I was there it was definitely tugging on my heart strings a little bit. Luckily, I still get to go to dance nationals with them, so my season isn’t completely over yet!!

I hope you guys have an incredible week this week. Since it is a new month I encourage you to write a list of your goals for the month. Then each day do something that works towards those goals! This month for me my goal is to hit District Manager in my Arbonne business. I am determined to achieve it! Also, I plan to do some big things with my blog as well. I am finally ready to take it to the next level.

That is all for now. Thanks so much for reading. Hope you guys have a wonderful day.



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