Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Happy Sunday! This week has been sooooo rainy. I don’t think there was a full day of just sun lol. I did finally go swimming though which was so much fun! Swimming is one of my all time favorite activities, so I was very happy to be able to do that.

Week Overview


This is Reid with the picture I drew for him!

On Monday I kicked off the week by babysitting. That is a pretty regular thing lol. I typically always babysit on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The kids and I typically do the routine of hanging out inside in the morning, going outside, eating lunch, taking a nap (they are young), playing, and then their mom comes home! After that I went home, worked out, and went to bed.


Tuesday I hung out at home the entire day. My sister and I went and rode bikes. I hadn’t rode a bike in forever and I forgot how hard it is lol. I mean it isn’t that hard but it definitely takes a toll on your legs! After that I just did blog stuff at the house and worked out again.


I know that earlier in this post I said I always babysit on Wednesdays, but I actually didn’t have to babysit this Wednesday. Instead I went and swam at my grandmas, went to dance, and then went home for the evening. That night my sister and I went on a long walk. My favorite thing to do is walk to the center of my town and back. It isn’t that long of a walk but I always like seeing things and all the people.

This is not cute at all but since it was raining I wore a ginormous rain jacket on my walk lol.


Since I didn’t babysit on Wednesday I babysat on Thursday. The kids were a little wild but we still had a good time. After that I went to my nannies (great grandma) and brought her a birthday cake! I always try my hardest to go over there once a week, but sometimes that doesn’t happen sadly. But when I do go over there I usually always bring something small, because I know that it makes them so happy!

I tried to insert a picture of her eating it but it wouldn’t load :/


Friday I spent the morning babysitting my favorite little guy. I absolutely love babies! He is actually getting into the toddler phase, he loves to move around and grab things. After I babysat I went and hung out with my Levi. We had a pretty chill evening.


Sarah and my nannies dog.

Saturday I got up and went and rode bikes again. My brother and I rode 4 miles. That doesn’t sound like much but it definitely wore me out lol. After that my family and I went to my nannies house again and brought her sushi for her birthday dinner. It made her so happy!

I used to never realize how important spending time with family and friends is but now that is my favorite thing to do. After spending some time with her and my great grandpa, my sister and I came home and hung out with my friend Ali. She has been on this blog many times and is definitely one of my closest friends.

Sarah, Alison, and I.

Today I am just going to spend it how I normally do. Just chilling out at the house doing blog stuff. I have been super burnt out this week on the blog and social media. I don’t want to quit working, but I don’t know how to get over this hump! O well.

I hope you guys have a great day and a great upcoming week! 🙂



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