Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Hey guys, this week I was a fail with pictures. I always forget to snap pictures for you guys when I am doing stuff. Not gonna lie I have been feeling super burnt out again this week. I know I made a post about it a while ago, but I just do not know what is up with me lol. But this is one of my favorite posts to make so I knew I couldn’t skip it. 🙂

Week Overview

Monday and Tuesday were my average babysitting days. Wednesday I babysat too but after babysitting I went and hung out with my Levi for a little bit.

Thursday I actually stayed home and did a few productive things around the house. I cleaned, blogged, and worked on my arbonne business.

Read this the other day and really loved it.

I am gonna be honest with you guys for a second lol, it is very discouraging to work so hard on things and never see any change from it. Like I literally devote several hours each and everyday to my blog and arbonne business and have seen no result. It is super discouraging and leaves me feeling sad and disappointed in myself.

I have been walking like 3 miles every night after dinner and I love it. I have also found that it really helps with my digestion!

I am a very postive person and always listen to positivitie youtube and sound cloud videos, but they can only do so much. However, I am not one to give up and will continue to work hard on things I feel passionate about. Just hopefully things start looking up soon.

On Friday, I babysat and did some productive stuff. That night I just stayed home and watched some good ol YouTube videos.

Saturday I cleaned and just tried to stay off my phone as best I could really. This was one of those days were I was feeling very discouraged. That night I hung out with my lovely friends. We didn’t take any pictures but we had a very good time. The three of us went out to eat and then got ice cream at some local popular places. My friend Alison also gave me lots of clothes and I cannot wait to take pictures in some of the outfits! 🙂

As I type this I now realize that I had a fairly boring week, but chill weeks are nice every once in a while. Hope you guys are having a great day.



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