Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Hi everyone! I know that technically this post is going up on a Saturday, but I couldn’t help but not call it “Sweet Sunday” lol. So welcome to another week in my life. This week was my first week of college. I kind of forgot how much it sucks to balance school, work, working out, family and friends. I mean obviously I can handle it, it just sucks.

Not gonna lie, I am not a fan of college at all. I think that it is a bunch of bullshit, and they just want your money, but that is just my opinion. I will make a post about my views on college another day. 😉 Anyways let’s go ahead and get started on this Sweet Sunday (week in my life) post! 🙂

Week In The Life

On Monday, I started out my week by going to school. This week my boss only scheduled me to work on Tuesday and Thursday so that was really nice. Monday after school I did some work on school, my blog, and Arbonne!! I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently on how to start a blog, so I am making a course on it!! It is something I am super excited about, and it should be live I think the 3rd weekend in September depending on how things go.

Tuesday was a full work day. I love the daycare I work at and look forward to going there. I was going to go hangout with Levi after work, but he ended up getting sick. So I just went home and did more school work/arbonne work!

How my mom feels about having 3 kids in college

Wednesday was another school day. This day is when we actually started to get into school work in all my classes. I think that I am going to like all my business classes (I have three), but I cannot say the same about my math class. Math is definitely a weaker subject for me, and I get so frustrated when I do it that I literally cry lol.

Uploading a tutorial on how I get 10m curls on my IGTV today. @Daysofkatee

I was back at the daycare again on Thursday. It was a pretty regular day, there were a lot of sneezing kiddos. My favorite thing is when I get to be left alone with the kids and be their “main teacher.” During the day I am an aid to the teacher, but whenever we get down to only a few kiddos I get to be the main teacher, and she takes over the other kids!

*side note* My neighbors moved and left all 11 of their cats!! Some people are so cruel.

Yayyyyy finally Friday. This week I was so excited when Friday finally hit. I went to school until 1pm and then went to Levi’s house! He was finally feeling better, so I was glad to go and see him. Oh I forgot to tell you guys! I got another job…..sorta haha. There is a deaf student in two of my classes and I am writing notes for her. I think that this will be good for me too, because sometimes I am not the best at paying attention.

Goodmorning from my Hazel baby

Friday night I went out to eat Mexican with Levi and his parents. I got a taco salad and omg it was so yummy.

Today (Saturday) I am just working on things around the house. Also, going to get some school and arbonne work done bc your girl has lots and lots of goals!!!

I hope you enjoyed my Sweet Sunday!

Hoping you guy are having an amazingggggg day, and I cannot wait to talk to you again on Monday. 🙂



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