Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Hey guys! I haven’t done one of these posts in sooo long. Doing them once every week kind of got a little bit repetitive for me. So if you would still like to get a weekly update of my life, you can go check out my YouTube channel. My name is Kate Christine over on there. Instead of explaining all of my recent life updates, I will just go ahead and jump into the post. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

My Weekends

Recently, I have been spending most of my weekends at the river. Now that it is nice outside my boyfriends family has been going down to their river cabin most weekends. It is honestly so much fun. I enjoy every second of it. We typically go on boat rides and just float in the river, but in the next few weekends we should have a big sandbar!

Back to Work

Now that my state is in the process of opening back up, I have had to go back to work. I honestly love my job, so I was excited to do that. We have lots of guidelines that we have to follow, but I am just glad that we are able to be back and continue to serve our families (I work at a daycare).


If you haven’t seen my most recent post then you wouldn’t know that I have been creating prints! They are so much fun to make, and since I make them quite frequently for my blog. I decided to share them with you guys. Go check them out!

Life is good

Life has been treating me well lately, and I hope that is the same case for all of you guys. The world has definitely been a crazy state since the beginning of 2020. I just continue to pray for peace and protection. We will get through this, and come out stronger than ever as a country.

I know this is a rather short update, but more posts to come later this week!

Thanks so much for reading.



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