Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Hey guys! Another Sunday has rolled around. It’s crazy to think that this month is almost over. I’ve had a pretty lazy week. I didn’t have school Monday or Tuesday. I played in the snow a lot and went sledding so that was lots of fun! On Tuesday, I went to my first college visit. I went to the University of Southern Illinois Carbondale. It was great lol I really enjoyed how spread out the campus is. I will more than likely be attending there in the fall! 🙂

On Wednesday I went to dance per usual and then Thursday and Friday were pretty uneventful. Saturday, I got to see Eric Church in concert! I will be uploading a post about my experience tomorrow, so stay tuned. My friend Kaylene and I went and we ate at this super cool restaurant called the Shaved Duck. It was super cool and the food was delicious.

The food here was sooooo good. Definitely recommend if you are in the St. Louis area!
Just a quick selfie before the concert lol 🙂

Today is my relax/plan day where I organize my week. I always look forward to these days. My family also gets together on Sundays and we all eat dinner together which is always really nice. I hope you guys had an awesome week! Let me know some things you guys got accomplished down below. Check out my last Sweet Sunday post.

My nightly face mask! Read about how I cleared my skin here.

My goals for the upcoming week are:

  • Post 4x on blog
  • Post 5x on Instagram. Check out my IG @daysofkate01
  • Increase blog traffic by 200 viewers
  • Get 100 followers on IG
  • Work out
  • Clean house
  • Do good on schoolwork
  • Read
  • Visit my grandparents
  • Hang out with friends
  • Take high quality pictures
  • Help someone everyday even if its something little
  • Wake up early/go to bed early

What I am grateful for this week:

  • Life- I know this is a really general statement, but I am just so so blessed to live an amazing life.
  • Family and friends- I will always be grateful for my friends and family. They make my everyday life better.
  • Teachers- Without teachers I would be nowhere in life.
  • My body- I am so grateful for my body that allows me to be healthy and move freely.
  • Social media- I know that social media can be very unhealthy, but used in the right ways it can be used to spread positivity and inspiration.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!



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