Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Personally, I don’t really do anything very exciting for the super bowl, except eat some food and watch the half time performance. I have never really been a major football fan. My mom used to be a cheer coach, so I would always go to football games, but I don’t enjoy watching it on my free time lol. Are you guys big super bowl fans? Someday, I would love to go watch it in person. That would be an unforgettable experience.

This week has been a pretty great week. There was a very impulse decision I made last week. I spent $350 dollars on ONE SINGLE concert ticket to see Florida Georgia Line in August. I absolutely love them, and they are touring with Morgan Wallen who is also one of my favorites. I bought a pit ticket, so that should be lots of fun. Buying the ticket made me really happy and excited, but seeing my bank account drop a little lower did not lol.

Monday and Tuesday I just went to school and did my normal blog stuff.

The weather this week has been insanely bipolar. The week started off being insanely cold, so cold that we didn’t have school Wednesday. On Wednesday, I spent the day working on my blog and I went to dance.

Took some pictures with my cute pup! You can check them out on my instagram @daysofkatee

Thursday, I did blog stuff and went to my brothers basketball game. He won his first game of regionals!

Lately, I have been super productive at school. I try to get all my schoolwork done at school, so I can focus on my blog and other things when I get home. I have been taking this online psychology class and it is so hard! Traditionally, I like online classes, but this is the most difficult one I have ever taken!

On Friday, I stayed home and rhinestoned my dance costumes! I have a dance competition coming up and we rhinestone a lot of our costumes, so we shine on stage. It is a relaxing task, it is just time consuming.

Saturday, I spent almost all day at dance. We are trying to perfect our routines before the competition in two short weeks. After dance, I went and hung out with my older brother and grandparents. I absolutely love family time.

Last week, I didn’t quite reach all my goals. I wanted to get 100 followers on instagram, but I fell a little short at 85. This is okay though, because I know that good things take time. I also wanted to get 200 new blog viewers and I almost met that goal! I fell a little short again at 150 new viewers. Other than that I pretty much hit all my goals which is wonderful! If you would like to check out my goals from last week you can look here.

My goals for the upcoming week are:

  1. Start affiliate links
  2. Do good on school work
  3. Post 4x on blog and 5x on instagram @daysofkatee
  4. Hang out with friends
  5. Read
  6. Be on my phone less
  7. Take pictures for Instagram
  8. Start scheduling my time better

What I am grateful for this week:

  1. The little things in life- The little things in life are so important. They are what make life great
  2. Family- I love love love my family
  3. Technology- The world would not be the same without it
  4. Youtube- My favorite thing to binge watch
  5. Dance- I am so grateful that I found dance. I absolutely love everything about it. Including the wonderful dance team it gave me.

I hope you all had an amazing week last week, and are ready to have an even better week this week!!!!

Lots of love,


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