Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Hey guys! It is officially March, which is so crazy to think about. I was hoping that the weather would become more spring like, but it is currently snowing again. It is officially my last quarter of high school!!! I am so ready to graduate, there are always people that say you will miss it, but I really do not think I will. High School has been a fun ride, but I am ready for a new chapter. My Arbonne products came in the mail this week! I have been sampling them a little bit and so far I like them! Arbonne has a 30 day challenge that starts tomorrow, so I will be sure to keep you guys updated!

Week Overview

The beginning of this week was my usual routine with school, crossfit, and blogging. My school had exams this week, so I did a lot of studying. I did good on all my exams, which I am so excited about! It was the last set of quarter exams I will ever have to take!

Wednesday I went to school and dance. I stopped by my grandparents and hung out with them for a little bit, which is always nice. This week my sister and I’s car has been in the shop, so we have been carpooling with my mom a lot.

Got some pictures during the sunset this week.

Thursday was another normal day as well. Friday I actually did not attend school, I took a college day which means we basically get a free day off school to go do college stuff. I went to my community college and signed up for summer cna classes. I am pretty excited about it, except for the fact I have to go to school in the summer lol. Also, I babysat Friday night. Kids make my heart so happy, I absolutely love when I get opportunities to spend time with them. Friday is usually when I go to crossfit too, but I had to skip it today. So stay tuned to hear about how my 19.2 open workout went.

I cooked pasta on Thursday for dinner. It is my absolute favorite food!!

Saturday started out being a pretty chill day, I watched one of my favorite movies American Sniper. It is a true story and so good. I highly highly recommend watching it. During that movie I did quite a bit of work on my blog and what not. In the afternoon I went saw my grandma, and hung out with one of my good friends!

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Today I am off to my sister gymnastics competition in Springfield! Gymnastics competitions are pretty fun I just hate the waiting around part. My aunts are meeting us there as well, so it should be a pretty fun day!

My sweet dog Rosco

Things I am grateful for:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Dogs
  • Life
  • Love
  • Church

Recently, I have been feeling so grateful for all the amazing things I have in my life. I truly live such a blessed life.

I hope you guys had an awesome week and have an even better one this upcoming week!



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