Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday

Hello lovelies, another Sunday has rolled around. This week was a little rough. I mean it was still good just not my favorite week ever. The school week just seems to drag and drag and drag. I am definitely ready to get out of there. All of my posts that I posted last week did really good and I am so excited about that! You can check out my latest one here. I have been having a very lazy weekend filled with friends and family, it has been really nice.

The many faces of Kate

Week Overview

Monday I did the 19.2 crossfit open workout. It was a little rough but overall not too bad. Tuesday was a pretty normal day. Wednesday I had my usual crossfit and dance day which is always fun. I have another dance competition coming up next weekend!

Thursday was a pretty rough day. I was in a bad mood which I hate to admit. I usually don’t have a lot of days like this, but nothing seemed to go my way. But we have to have bad days so that we treasure the good ones even more! Friday I did the 19.3 crossfit open workout. I think I am going to redo it tomorrow. I couldn’t do 1 strict hand stand push-up which really annoyed me. My legs are still very sore so I many not do it again lol who knows.

Shoutout to my mom for always taking pictures of me lmao

Saturday I was veryyyyy lazy. Like I hardly got off the couch which is embarrassing to admit. A couple friends came over to my house and we turned on a movie and pretty well all fell asleep lol. That night I did finally leave the house and go hang out with a friend. Today I am just hanging out at the house. I have quite a bit of blog stuff I want to get done, so that is pretty well the plan for today. 🙂

The time also sprang forward an hour today. It will be so nice that it doesn’t get dark so early anymore!

I have been loving my Arbonne products lately. It is really worth the money. I will continue to keep you guys updated, but I am about 10 days in and I really love it! Especially the detox tea and fizzy sticks. So good!!

I found this cute top at Goodwill on Sunday!

Thrift shopping is so fun, but I can only do it when I am in the mood to shop, because most of the time you have to sift through a bunch of clothes to find the good ones! But usually in the end it is worth it! My favorite goodwill purchase of all time are my Levi jeans that I cut and turned into shorts. They are so cute and look exactly like those trendy ones you see on instagram! Here is a pair if you guys want to check them out!

I hope you guys had an amazing week. Also, I want you guys to know that I appreciate you reading so much! My average is almost up to 100 views a day which is crazy! Whenever I first started this blog I was excited when I even got one view let alone 100 daily. So thank you guys so so so much! I appreciate you all!


Kate 🙂

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