The 10 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix

One of my favorite past times is watching Netflix. I absolutely love watching movies and all the tv shows they have to offer. My family has completely gotten rid of our cable tv and relies primarily on Netflix to fulfill our tv show watching needs lol.

I have put together a list of some of my favorite movies right now on Netflix. The only thing I do not like about Netflix is that they are always getting rid of movies. I wish they could just keep all the movies that they stream, but I suppose we can’t have it all.

As you will notice most of all these movies are comedies. I am not a a scary movie person at all. I will watch one ever so often with friends or what not. But they are not my cup of tea at all.

I hope you enjoy my list, and maybe get some new favorite movies to add to yours!

Amy Schumer Growing

This was just recently added on Netflix and is so funny. If you are a fan of Amy Schumer or just a fan of stand up comedy in general I highly recommend watching this. It made me laugh a lot, she is so relatable. My favorite movie that she is in is called “I Feel Pretty.” I highly recommend watching it!!!

National Treasure

National Treasure will forever be on my favorite movies list. It is action packed but also has some comedy to it. It is a family friendly movie which is always good. I love the history aspect of it, even though it isn’t real history lol.

Legally Blonde

I had never seen the real Legally Blonde before I saw it on here the other day. The Disney version was always my go to. But the real version is so much better. I really loved it.


Very funny and highly inappropriate movie. Will definitely make you laugh.


If you are into musicals you will definitely love this movie. It is definitely a classic. I remember watching it when I was younger, and I was so excited when I saw they added it on here!

Get Smart

This is an action/comedy movie. With the majority being comedy lol. I actually watched this movie last night. It will forever be one of my favorites! Steve Carell is just so funny.


This movie is kind of your knockoff Bridesmaids movie, but it is still just as funny. It is definitely more on the inappropriate side, but a good watch nonetheless.


Netflix has been coming out with some really good originals. This movie is definitely one of those! Jennifer Aniston kills her role in this move, and it has such a great message.

Set it up

This is another newer Netflix original. I like to call this movie a background noise movie if that makes any sense. It is great to watch while doing busy work or house work. But it is also great to sit down and watch as well!! It is about two work a holics that are matched up by their interns who also become friends. Has a great storyline and is worth the watch if you are bored one afternoon.


This movie will definitely have you laughing. Especially some of the beginning scenes. So funny! It also has a great plot twist, highly recommend it. This movie is one of those that are not predictable at all!

All the Disney Movies

You can never go wrong with a good Disney movie. There are so many good ones on Netflix right now! My favorites are definitely Incredibles 2 along with the Bee movie. They are great family movies, and just great movies to watch in general.

This is just a short list of the many great movies on Netflix. What are some of your guys favorites?

Thanks for reading!



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