The Best Razors To Prevent Razor Burn

Hello all you lovely people! I hope it has been a great week for you so far. This week I have been so super excited, because I am leaving to go to vacation at the end of the week. I’m not going to disclose my location yet, because I plan to make several posts about it in the near future! Let’s just say it is somewhere warm and it has beaches lol. Since I have been in a swimsuit every weekend this summer I have been really focusing on razors that give me the best shave. Here is a list of some of the razors that I have found that do the best job of preventing razor burn!!

First and foremost

Just a quick little announcement before we dive in, razor burn cannot be solely prevented by good razors. Razor burn is caused by bacteria getting into your open pore, therefore causing it to turn into a raised red bump. Good razors alone cannot prevent bacteria from getting into your pores, but they can help! This is where this list comes in. 😉

For my sensitive skin girls

Calling all my peeps with sensitive skin. This is where you will also find me. Okay. this is gonna sound crazy, but hear me out. The best razors I have found for us girls who have sensitive skin and get razor burn like crazy are these cheap little guys. Now mastering the art of using them correctly does take about a week or so. You just have to remember to use light strokes and use shaving cream, so they don’t completely tear to shreds your legs.

These razors are the best for sensitive skin/razor burn prone, because you throw them away after every use. Since you are always shaving with a clean and bacteria free razor, it is going to drastically decrease the likelihood of getting razor burn!

For my girls that like a close shave

The men’s section is where it is at. and probably where it has always been at. Not only are mens razors a little cheaper (so not fair), they are such higher quality! Check out these bad boys. They aren’t badly priced, each head lasts me approximately 2 months, and they have that cool gel on both sides of the razor. This provides extra lubrication, so the razor and your skin don’t build up friction between each other. That can also be another component to developing some killer razor burn.

For my girls that like to treat themselves

Throughout my years, I have learned that is nice to splurge on the products you use and put on your body. Our bodies are very delicate things, so it is always important to take care of it. I used this razor a few months ago. It was seriously one of the best experiences I have ever had with a razor. I didn’t even do my typical after shave routine, and my legs had little to no razor burn. Not only is this super cute, makes me feel like a boujee queen, but it is also works amazingly well!

10/10 recommend for my girls who like to treat themselves

For my girls that use soap as shaving cream

I also fall in this category from time to time. The only thing that stops me from not doing it 24/7 is the fact that soap doesn’t really do the same job shaving cream does. I mean sure it helps out a little bit, but you don’t really get the full effect. This razor is perfect for you ladies that don’t like to spend extra time on shaving cream. It has gel on both sides that provides that really clean and soft finish. It is super great for sensitive skin and people who glide over the entire leg when shaving, rather than shaving in sections.

I hope this post was helpful!

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