The 8 Best Shows to Watch on Netflix

One of my absolute favorite past times is watching shows on Netflix. I have always loved movies and television. My family and I have been using Netflix ever since they were sending movies in the mail. I used to get so excited every time we would get a new one! Netflix has become such a popular platform. It seems like everyone nowadays uses it, or borrows a friends account lol. I tend to lean towards the comedy side of tv shows and movies, but every once in a while I will watch something that is not typical for me.

Here are a few of my favorites!

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New Girl

I absolutely love New Girl! It is so funny and light hearted. All the characters are so funny, and portrayed so well. If you haven’t heard anything about it, it is basically a girl that lives in an apartment with 4 guys. This makes for some very interesting plots lol. I highly recommend it!!!

Greys Anatomy

I am pretty sure that Grey’s Anatomy is everyones favorite, or has been at some point. Honestly, I have stopped watching. I find that it gets kind of boring after the 6th season, but that is just my opinion. It has a really good plot and will definitely get your tears rolling. Prepare to get really attached to the characters!


This is another show that almost everyone has seen. Friends is a classic that has been around for quite a while. It is so funny and has a great storyline as well. Personally, my favorite is Jennifer Anistons character Rachel. She has the best sense of humor!

Parks and Recreation

If you are looking for a good laugh this show will definitely give it to you. It has the o so funny Amy Poehler(Leslie) in it, and she plays her part so well! The show is based around Leslie and her other low-level government employees. I have personally not watched all the seasons, but I have watched it enough to know that it is a goodie!!

The Office

There are some people that hate the office, and there are some people that absolutely love it. The show has a very dry sense of humor, that some don’t find very funny, but I absolutely love it! Both The Office and Parks and Recreation are very similar on their filming style. I find that the style of filming they use makes it more lifelike and adds more humor. The Office is a little dry at the beginning, but after you make it past the first season you won’t be able to quit laughing. Highly recommend!

Young and Hungry

I feel like this is a very underrated show on Netflix. It is about a chef named Gaby that ends up working as a cook for a multi-millionaire. There is lots of love and comedy in this show. It doesn’t have many seasons, but the seasons it does have are worth watching.


This is actually one of the first shows I started watching on Netflix. It is a musical, so if you aren’t into that I don’t recommend watching. But, it also has comedy and a love circle that is irresistible. It is one of those shows that is so addicting to watch!

Marie Kondo Tidying Up

This is a fairly new show on Netflix and is more of the reality show style. It shows all about her organization. This series is actually based off her famous book! She goes into peoples homes and shows them how to transform their house! It is really awesome and very inspiring. I may or may not have went and folded all my clothes after watching an episode lol. She really does give great tips that I think everyone can apply to their lives!

This is just a short list of many of the awesome shows on Netflix. What are a few of your guys favorites?

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    • katebillz

      You should! I know that it is not everyones cup of tea, but you should definitely give it a chance!! I hope you’re having a great day!:)

  • Anna

    I could watch Friends over and over and over and over again. It just never gets old and it just gets more relevant the older you get, haha.
    I think we have different content available on Netlix here in the UK, because I don’t remember seeing New Girl there – but love the series nonetheless. Another series which I loved and unfortunately isn’t available on Netflix is Younger, I don’t know if you’ve seen it but it’s great show and amazing inspo for outfits.

    xx A. | mylondonandbeyond.wordpress.com

    • katebillz

      I know it is definitely a classic lol. That must be the case, because I have never seen advertisement for the show Younger! Hmmm it sounds pretty neat though I will have to check it out! I hope you’re having a great day!

  • Shevy

    I am so happy to have come across this list because I have been looking for some Netflix recommendations. Since I am currently waiting for about 3 of my shows to return for the new seasons lol. I’ve been hearing a lot about Marie Kondo Tidying Up…maybe I’ll give it a go since I always bypass it 🙂

    • katebillz

      You should! It doesn’t have a lot of episodes, but every episode is pretty well the same much like house hunting shows lol. But it is enjoyable and super inspiring!

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