The Best Youtube Channels to Watch

I absolutely love Youtube. For the longest time I wanted to start my own youtube channel and make videos. I even started vlogging at times, but I always fail at the editing part! So, I decided to go the blogging route and it has been like the best decision I have ever made.

I watch Youtube a lot, like a lot a lot. I have been watching it religiously since junior high. Since then I have built up my subscription box quite a bit, and I have compiled a list of some of my favorite people to watch.

This list is in no particular order lol.

Shane Dawson

If you haven’t heard of Shane Dawson you are seriously missing out. He does a wide range of videos, but has more recently started posting VERY popular conspiracy videos. Like have you heard about the Chuck E. Cheese conspiracy? If not you definitely need to check it out!! All his videos are so funny and I guarantee you will laugh, he has the best sense of humor.

Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie does a wide range of videos. She is honestly the youtuber that I have been watching the longest. My favorite videos that she does are her vlogs! I love vlogs in general but she is definitely over the top with the production in her videos, and I love it. Definitely recommend checking her out, she is a total girl boss.

Nikki Blakketter

Nikki Blakketter is a fitness youtuber that makes videos about fitness duh, but she also vlogs and does other kind of videos! I have fallen in love with her personality. She is also another girl boss that is super inspiring to watch. Not gonna lie, I love to go back and watch her break up videos when I am sad, which is super depressing but they really help. Highly recommend checking her out, you will 9 times out of 10 leave her videos feeling happy. (she also gives really great fitness tips)

Remi Cruz

Remi Cruz is Alisha Maries best friend. Remi has changed a lot since I have started watching her. Right now she is very popular for her fitness. Over the passed year she has lost a bunch of weight and now she is living her best life. She is another youtuber that will make your day just by watching her videos. Remi has a main channel and a vlog channel but my fave is her vlog channel!

Jeffree Star

If you love humor and makeup you definitely have to check out Jeffree. He is the ultimate gossiper and ‘tea’ spiller. His personlity adds so much to his videos even if you aren’t into makeup you will probably still love him! Outside of youtube he also runs a multi million dollar business. Which is insane, he is known for wearing expensive clothes and having the coolest cars. Like seriously check some of them out, they are epic.

James Charles

James is also a makeup guru. He does some of the craziest makeup looks ever, he is sooooo talented. Whenever you watch James you know that you can take everything he says seriously. Like his reviews on all the brands and what not. It is also insane to think that James is only 19. Like he is a freakin millionaire and he is 19. Thats completely insane. I strive to have the motivation that he does because that is awesome.

Emma Chamberlain

Emma is a complete overnight youtube sensation. I started watching her last summer when she had just a little under half a million subscribers, and now she has over 7 million. She is hilarious, and that is why so many people fell in love with her so quickly. I am sure that she is making millions now. Not gonna lie I think that her quality of content has gone down a bit. But she is only 17 years old, lives on her own in L.A, and is making millions. I am sure that she has a lot of stuff to worry about behind the scenes. Besides that, she makes super hilarious videos that have quite a bit of profanity in them, so be careful who you watch the videos around!

Hannah Meloche

Hannah is a senior in high school who vlogs. That is pretty much it lol. I just really like her personality not to mention that she is drop dead gorgeous! If you are looking for relatable videos to watch you can definitely find some here.

Adelaine Morin

If you haven’t heard of Adelaine Morin before you definitely need to check her out. She is literally a ray of sunshine. Adelaine is 21 years old and has a house in Toronto, Canada and also an apartment in Los Angleses. So as you can tell she is another girl boss. (pretty much all the girl youtubers I watch are awesome) Her favorite color is yellow like literally she painted her living room yellow. I definitely recommend checking her videos and vlogs out because she is such a positive person!

Danielle Carolan

Danielle is a full time student at the University at Georgia. She has a great personality and is very popular for her college week in my life videos. Danielle does a really great job of showing what college life is like in her videos.

Monica Church

Monica’s videos are literally like mini movies. The quality of her videos are insane. You definitely need to check out her videos she deserves all the views in the world. Monica lives in Seattle, so if you like the city life and vibes of it you will definitely enjoy her videos. Her business theme is Millinial Life Crisis so she is definitely relatable.

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya doesn’t post often but her videos are always worth the wait. She does lot of challenges and trying things out. Her videos can entertain all kids of audiences. She has such a great sense of humor! 10/10 recommend 🙂

Delainey Bailey

Delainey is a newer youtuber but she makes the best content. One of my favorite things to watch of hers is her vlogs! She vlogs a lot about dance conventions and what not, so if you are into that you should definitely check her out!

I hope you guys enjoy this list. I know there are so many great youtubers out there, but these are just a few of my favs! What are some people that you guys like to watch? I hope you are having a great day! 🙂




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