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Earlier this year I made one of the best decisions ever. I made the decision to start this blog! Along with staring a blog, I also started an instagram account. Most of you probably know, but in order to have a successful instagram account, you have to have followers.

I have done lots of research since I started my instagram, and have learned a couple things that have changed my instagram game and have expanded my following a lot! Also, some tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

By the way this post isn’t sponsored in anyway. I just wanted to share with you guys some great things that I have learned.

Tips and Tricks

Alright I am sure many of you guys know this, but post quality content and post consistently. Personally, I like to post 6x a week, and post on my instagram stories everyday.

This photo is from

Hashtags also are also super important to use. I like to post the picture then a couple hours later comment the hashtags, just so the post doesn’t look to cluttered all at once.

Make sure your instagram is set on public! You want to make sure your profile looks open and friendly. Next, make sure your bio is nice and not cluttered.

The App

I know how some people feel about using apps in order to help grow your instagram. But this app does not just give you free followers lol, you still have to gain them organically, it just helps!

The app I use is called “Followers” and you can find it in the App Store.

If you guys would like a “what’s on my iPhone tour thingy” let me know!

The app is the followers one in the bottom left corner.

Okay so if you download the app you will notice that it tells you things like, your followers, who you are following, new followers, people who have unfollowed you, people who aren’t following you back, people you aren’t following back, users who have blocked you, and deleted likes and comments.

It will also show you various type of statistics. I know some people may not like this system that I am getting ready to share with you, but it still organically grows your account, and I just like doing it this way. What I do is go to Instagram, and I will follow 100 people at a time. Then I wait a couple days and if they do not follow me back, I will go back to that app and unfollow them.

There is small fee to activate the app to where you can unfollow people from that app. Honestly that is just the process I do. In my free time I just follow and unfollow people lol. It does not get all the followers for you, but it surely does help. I know some of you may not like this system, but it works for me and every single one of my followers are real people!

Of course along with that I work super hard on my content and try to provide you guys with pictures and things that will brighten your day.

You can find my instagram @daysofkatee if you would like to give me a follow. 🙂

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day! If you have any tips you use comment them down below.



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