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The Life-Changing 15 Day Challenge

Hey guys! I hope you all are doing well. I am feeling so so excited as I just now finished booking a vacation! Man this year has been quite the eventful one so far, so you can bet I am very excited to get some time away. My boyfriend, myself, along with a few friends are heading down to Miramar Beach, Florida at the beginning of August. Super exciting! So since vacation is coming up, I am deciding to do a nice little body reset. You guys know I am all about the health stuff, so prepare to get all the details about it in this post. Now to introduce you to my life-changing 15 day challenge!! 🙂

The Challenge

So as you guys may or may not know, I am an independent consultant with the company Arbonne! It is a health and wellness business that has truly changed my life. Now before all of you roll your eyes at my marketing business, please bare with me a little longer, because I used to do exactly the same!

After the 4th of July I am going to be doing a 15 day challenge that involves replacing two meals a day with shakes! Now I know this sounds like some fad diet, but our protein is incredibly nutrient dense, and I have all the amazing recipes to help you meet all of your nutritional needs!

I feel like the word “shakes” throws everything off, so thank of them more as yummy smoothies haha. Also, you can replace the smoothies with other recipes such as protein cookie dough, and protein waffles. Can you say yummmmm?

Our protein shakes have 20 grams of vegan protein in them, 24 vitamins/minerals, and amino acids that help support your muscles and daily health.

What is Included

One thing I love about Arbonne is the community that comes with it. I seriously love this company so much you guys and hope to do it full time one day. Along with blogging of course ;).

So after the purchase of a bag of protein (we have loads of flavors) you will be entered into a group chat with all of the other amazing men/women doing the challenge. I will be sending you daily encouragement and little tips and tricks. Along with physical health mental health is something so important to me. So while we are making our bodies happy, I will also be helping you to make your mind happy. Because ultimately that is what truly matters. 🙂

Also, you can expect lots of fun recipes from me including our yummy protein waffles!!

For all my friends that are wanting to get back in better health this is the way to go. I can promise that you will feel the best you have ever felt, or your money back.

If you would like to join the challenge you can email me at! From there I will give you more info.

Thank you guys for all your support. It truly means the world to me.



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