The Ultimate List of Must-See Movies

I absolutely love movies. There is something so satisfying about watching a movie from the beginning to the end. With a movie you get an entire story line in about an hour and a half. Whereas, with a tv show you have to watch all the seasons to get an entire story line. Now, I love Grey’s Anatomy and The Office as much as the next person, but more often than not I will choose a movie over a few episodes.

In the years that I have been alive, I have piled up a long list of my favorite movies. Personally, I like to watch comedies, action movies, and rom coms. I really prefer not to watch scary moves lol.

These movies are in no particular order, because honestly I don’t think I could pick my favorite!

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Deadpool is my favorite action/comedy movie. It is so hilarious, and has a fantastic story line that keeps your attention the entire time. The movie does have some inappropriate parts, so I would not recommend watching it around children, but overall its great! It does have a sequel, but I think that I like this one better.

National Treasure

-I absolutely love all the National Treasure movies!! I have loved them since I was a small child. They are the perfect mix of history, comedy, and action. I know that its not really ‘real’ history, but it is still so fascinating! All the actors play the parts so well, I just love it! I don’t really have a preference over the first one or second. They are both amazing and family friendly!


-I think that most people can agree that this movie is awesome! I honestly will watch it any time of the year. The movie is funny, light hearted, and has such a great story line. It is definitely a must see if you haven’t seen it already!

21 Jump Street

-Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are so funny together. 21 Jump Street is another movie that has a great mix of comedy and action. Highly recommend!

Step Brothers

-Pretty much ALL Will Ferrell movies are absolutely hilarious. This one definitely ranks as my favorite though. It is a classic movie that everyone should watch at least once. This is my go-to movie when I am needing a good laugh.

Pitch Perfect

-There are 3 Pitch Perfect Movies out, and they are all so amazing! My favorites are definitely the first and second one. All the songs in the movie are catchy and so fun. My favorite character in the movie is definitely Rebel Wilson. Any movie with her in it is a must-see as well.

Pretty Much all Melissa Mcarthy Movies

Ghostbusters, The Heat, Life of the Party, Spy, Bridesmaids, Tammy, The Boss, and Identity Thief are just a few of my favorites. Some of the movies are better than others, but I guarantee you will love them all!

Almost All Sandra Bullock Movies as Well lol

-There are many good movies that Sandra Bullock has starred in as well. A couple of my favorites are: The Proposal, Oceans 8, The Heat, and Bird Box! Sandra Bullock always plays such strong roles and plays the roles of the characters so well.

I could talk on and on all day about all the amazing movies I have seen, but for the most part I think this list sums up them pretty well.

I hope you guys are having a great day!



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