Things I Have Been Loving Lately

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well. Since I have been stuck at home for almost three months now, I have compiled a list of things that I have been LOVING. What have you guys been loving lately?


I am probably in the same boat as everyone else in this world, but I absolutely have been loving TikTok. At first, I didn’t want to download it, but once I did (for work purposes of course) 😉 I fell in love. Lol I had to set a 30m time cap on it, because I was starting to get on it too much. There is just something about it that makes it the most amazing app ever. Definitely check it out if you’re needing to kill some time.


I got a hydroflask for Easter and I don’t think I will ever go back to a normal reusable water bottle. This thing is seriously so amazing, the hype is real. I have the 32oz one. It keeps my drinks hot/cold and makes me actually want to drink water. Especially, if you get the straw lid. Like I kid you not I drink over a gallon easily everyday. It’s crazy.

Yoga Pants

Last year, I got a pair of yoga pants from a woman that was getting rid of clothes. I didn’t have that high of expectations for them, but omg I never take them off. They are the thinnest and softest material and make your legs look o so good. And get this. They are from Walmart!!

Bobbi Brown Primer

Okay, as many of you may know I have extremely sensitive skin. Like I only wear makeup on special occasions, because it breaks me out so bad. And trust me, I have tried every brand under the sun. Even brands that are made for people with skin like me, but still nothing has ever really worked. Until I tried out this Bobbi Brown primer. I didn’t have that high of hopes for it, but you guys the primer seriously stops everything from sinking into my pores. It is actually amazing. It may not be for everyone, but if you think it may work for you definitely check it out.

A Routine

I am a person that thrives off of being busy, but since the world has been practically shut down there has not been much to do. So I started to write a schedule for myself each and everyday, so that I do not go crazy. I seriously even schedule in my naps. It may sound crazy, but it works wonders for me.


I never thought matcha looked that appetizing, but once I tried it I haven’t looked back. I typically drink it a few times a week, just when I want a little hot pick me up drink. It is great because it is not acidic like coffee, and doesn’t give you a crash. It is just a nice little comforting drink. Matcha is also super yummy when you put ice in it and turn it into a matcha latte. Yum.

Time Blocking

This goes along with the schedule one, but I used to think that I was good at multi-tasking. Turns out I am not, and thrive off of only focusing on one thing at a time. Since I found this out time blocking has been super useful. When I sit down to do a task like emails, I turn on my timer and don’t do anything else until that time is up. Also, since working from home I have found that I get really burnt out if I sit at my computer from 9am-3pm, so instead of that I break it up into 90m increments.


Since I have been having lots free time recently I have enjoyed reading. Used to I only listened to audiobooks, but there is something so relaxing about reading an actual book.

Blue Light Glasses

Being on my computer for lots of hours everyday puts a lot of strain on my eyes. If I don’t wear my blue light glasses I find that I do not sleep well, and also get headaches. I just got two pairs of amazon for like $15 for both. They work wonders.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you all are remaining healthy and happy.

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