Unboxing My Summer FabFitFun Box

Hey everyone! Last Christmas my mom got a subscription for a fabfitfun box for my sister and I. These boxes come four times a year, one with every season and I absolutely love it. We used to get those little subscription services like boxy charm and Ipsy, but this one is wayyyyy better. Every time this box comes it always feels like Christmas, I love it!!

This post is not sponsored, I just love watching/reading unboxing so I wanted to share it with you guys!


This is what the box looks like! I absolutely love the colors that this box came in, it is so bright and fun.

Whenever you open the box up you first see a magazine that tells you about all the products and just some extra stuff.

As you can see, I opened it before I remembered to take pictures lol. It has this adorable little leaf that holds the tissue paper together.

In this box, you get a coupon to HelloFresh and another coupon to a fabfitfun box on top of the package. I absolutely love the little crinkly paper that comes in the box, and it actually doesn’t get everywhere! This is just an overview of all the goodies that came in the box.

Thanks mom for modeling all the things that came in the box. She was very curious to see what was in the box too! This bag is so adorable and perfect for the beach. It was folded up at the very bottom of the box.

This towel is in the shape of a lotus flower and is so cute. Perfect to put in your beach tote bag!

O my gosh these two adorable silicon wine glasses came in the box. Honestly, I don’t think they are very practical because they bend very easily, but they are so cute!

Maybe they would be good for camping or places that don’t allow glass!

I am so excited to try out all these products!! The first one on the left is a Coola setting spray. The one in the middle is a purple clay mask. Then the last one on the right is a Living proof styling cream. I actually tried this one the other day before I curled my hair and really liked it!

The rose spray that came in this box is absolutely so cute! I have heard that it is way better than the Mario Badescu one, so I cannot wait to try it out! An exfoliating foot mask also came with it. I don’t think that I will ever use the foot mask but it does seem nice.

The last thing in the box are these two invisibobble hair ties. I absolutely love these hair ties because they don’t leave any marks and hold super good. My sister put one in her hair right after I showed her that we got them and she loved it!

With this Fabfitfun box you definitely get the most bag for you buck!

This is just a random picture of my dog Max that I wanted to include because he is just too cute lol. He always sits on this chair every time he goes outside and it is just adorable.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you all enjoyed this post. What kind of posts would you guys like to see??



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