A Week in Destin, Florida

This past week I spent time with my family in Destin, Florida! It was such a fun time and we made memories that will last a lifetime.

The girls of the Destin, Florida trip.

Our trip started at 4:30 Monday morning when we got up and embarked on our 10ish hour journey to Destin. I pretty well slept for four hours, and then after that I spent my time doing work for my business on my phone. We stopped at Whataburger and this peach farm some place in Georgia. It was pretty good, but sadly I did not try the peach cobbler. Totally wish I would have!

That evening we arrived around 5 pm. We walked about 1/4 of a mile to the beach from our condo. The beach was so beautiful. The water was clear and the sand was sooooo white. We also took a trip to Walmart, just to stock up on some food for the week.

Tuesday morning I got up and went on a run with my aunt. I found out that sand is super hard to run in, because you constantly have to be picking up your feet so you don’t sink down. I wasn’t wearing shoes by the way, which probably wasn’t the best idea on my part. After the run we spent the entire day at the beach.

Sarah and I with the grandparents.
Sarah 🙂
Al and Bonnie aka grandparents

The waves were super big since there had been a recent storm. I brought a boogie board out and chilled out on my stomach riding the waves. It was a lot of fun. We went back to the condo around 3pm and went out for the night. We ate at this cool restaraunt and I had some awesome fish tacos. After that we walked around a boardwalk going in and out of a few shops.

Wednesday we got up early and went to the beach again. I used goggles and collected a lot of cool shells that were in the water. I also laid out a lot more than the previous day. The sun did not burn me this trip, which I am so happy to say. Usually every time I go to Florida I get a gnarly sunburn, but I guess my skin is already tan enough that it didn’t affect it to bad.

We went back to the condo about 1pm Wednesday afternoon. The reason we came to Destin was because I actually had my dance competition nationals there! So that afternoon I had to leave to go dance for a little bit. All the dances went super good, and placed well within the divisions.

After the dance competition I just went back to the condo and had a few bowls of fruity pebbles and went to sleep.

On Thursday, I had to be at dance by 9 so there wasn’t a whole lot of time to go the beach before hand. I went and competed for a bit then came back and got in the pool for a little while.

After that I had to go back and dance for another couple hours. We ended up going to the beach and swimming for a while around 6pm that evening, which was super nice. The weather was beautiful and I wish I had brought my camera to take more pictures!

Ugh look at the water. So beautiful
How cute is my Grandpa? haha

Friday was our leaving day sadly. I was ready to get back home and see friends, but I could have totally went for another beach day. I actually had to go dance for a little bit on Friday too. We got called back to be in the finals, but sadly I think the judges were more into musical theatre numbers, rather than our hip hop sassy routines.

That concluded my dancing career, a very bittersweet day. We arrived home about 1am Saturday morning and that ended our very fun family vacation in Destin, Florida.

I think that we are going to start making this a yearly thing. Family vacations are so fun and are good for the soul.

Thanks for reading guys!



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