Week in The Life – Life Update

Hi everyone! I am officially back! I took a little bit of a break and I did not like it lol. Well I mean I enjoyed the time off but I really missed talking to you guys! So I am officially back to my regularly scheduled posts and cannot wait to pump out some great content for you guys.

I have lots of exciting things coming up, but before I jump into that here is a glimpse into my past week!

Week in The Life

Monday and Tuesday I spent coming back from Colorado. I made a post all about my trip that you can read about here. It was such an awesome trip!

Wednesday I spent the majority of the day at home getting things in order before the holiday. I went over to a family friends house and picked blueberries, I also had to visit their goats! How cute are they? That night I stayed the night with my sister and friend Alison while Sarah was housesitting.

Thursday was the fourth of July! I honestly spent the majority of the day just dog sitting by myself lol. Sadly I did not bring my laptop otherwise I probably would have been drafting blog posts lol. Around 7 I left with my friend to my boyfriends river cabin thing. A bunch of people always get together at the river every year for a couple days during the holiday.

Kimber and I
Levi and I! We went out on the boat when we got there for a little bit.

Friday I spent the day at the river again. I woke up and went bow fishing with the boys. Thankfully my friend Corrie was there too so I wasn’t the only girl haha. Bow fishing is definitely interesting if you don’t know what it is. It is exactly what it sounds like, shooting fish with a bow. After that we just hung out for a while. The boys left Corrie and I alone while they all went to get fireworks, so we laid out and did some swimming.

There is hardly any signal out there, so I don’t typically have my phone with me. Therefore I did not get that many pictures sadly.

In this picture it is Levi and I on the left and Jake and Corrie on the right!

Friday night there were several people at the river and we all just hung out. That night the boys also shot off fireworks which was so fun!

On Saturday, I woke up and went home. I did not get much sleep so whenever I got home I took a little nap, then I got up and did a few productive things. That night Levi came up to my house and we went out to eat at Applebees. I hadn’t been there in so long, but it was pretty yummy! After that we drove around town for a little bit and then watched a movie. Lately I have been loving watching the Hangover movies, they are so funny!

Sunday I slept in quite a bit. I am usually up by 6:30-7, but I didn’t set an alarm and ended up fully waking up at 9:30. I guess all the river days wore me out! After sleeping in I got up and cleaned the house. I hate having a messy house, so I felt a great urge to clean it all up. That afternoon I went and ate some fried chicken with Levi, Chelsea, and Corey. Chelsea and Corey are his sister and his sisters fiancé. They are such fun people to be around. We spent the entire day hanging out at the pool.

That was my week!! Hope you guys had an amazing week as well.

Now for some Life Updates

I am moving out!!! Tomorrow I am officially going to look at apartments and get all my college stuff lined out. Exciting stuff, but I am also super nervous! Job searching is also on the agenda.

I am going on vacation…. again! Next week I will be in Destin, Florida for my last dance competition, but do not worry there will still be regularly scheduled blog posts. 🙂

I am halfway to promoting to District Manager in my Arbonne business, so if you would like to support me and my business definitely check out this post!

I think that is all for now. Thanks for reading and I will see you guys again tomorrow? Happy Monday.



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