What $4,500 Gets You Per Night In A New York Hotel Room

Hello all my amazing readers. Long time no talk. I recently just got back from an awesome New York trip. It was the first time I have ever been, and I experienced so many things. Before I get into the post I would like to shoutout my honorary aunt Julie for making this trip possible. She is everything that I strive to be and is truly the definition of a girl boss. I am very fortunate to be well connected to her, and so if my travels seem very lavish it is because of this amazing woman. I have lots of New York posts to share with you guys, but to kick things off I am going to tell you about my $4,500 per night hotel room.

Last Thursday, my mom, sister, and I flew out to New York and met our amazing family friend Julie out there. Julie is the COO of Ultimate Software if you have ever heard of that company. She got us plane tickets (and the majority of the trip) for my sister and I’s birthday.

When we arrived we had a driver awaiting us and he took us to our hotel. Upon arrival I had no idea what to expect about our hotel room. I thought it would be a typical small room, but o boy was I wrong. Julie booked us two nights at the 1Hotel. We stayed in the Greenhouse Suite. You can look at all the details and view the room here. It is a super eco friendly hotel and had this incredible strong musky plant smell in it.

The lobby

Hotel Room Tour

The entry way into the hotel room. It had hooks on either sides. Our hotel card was actually this super cute wooden fob.

This is the kitchen when you first walk in. All the plants are real. It also has amazing views out the window. In the cabinets there was a hornets nest (old) and other various plant & nature things.

This is the other side of the kitchen. It had this amazing plant wall, the energy was so amazing in the room because of the plants. Also, it had this beautiful chandelier. I couldn’t quite identify what the chandelier was made out of, but it kind of looked like coral pieces, or just long wonky sticks with holes in them.

Leading through that entry way was the first living room. This is actually a couch, but the maid turned it into a bed for my sister and I. It had these AMAZING hanging lights, these are definitely going to be staple in my future home. This room also had a fantastic window view and a tv hanging on the wall.

This was our little kitchenette off the side of the first living room. The fridge was fully stocked and the room came with a Nespresso!

Another view of the kitchenette.

This was our little half bath off the side of the living room. It had a super cool style, much like the rest of the room. Something super funky was that they had flowers hanging from the ceiling! So neat! I kind of love it.

A better view of the hanging flowers.

If you walked past the living room you came right into the first bedroom. Sorry it is a little messy, I didn’t get the chance to take pictures before everyone started to make themselves at home. If you would like to see pictures of the rooms without our stuff, feel free to go to the website.

Another view of the first bedroom. I honestly don’t think we turned on the tvs once during our entire trip. We were constantly doing things, much like the New Work way of life.

This is the bathroom that was connected to the first bedroom. My favorite part was the mirror. It was the size of the entire wall. The only thing I did not like is that it is not a very practical bathroom. As you can see the sink is not very big at all lol. Therefore we didn’t really have many options on where to put our things. The lights in the bathroom were absolutely stunning.

Another view of the bathroom, do not mind my stuff everywhere.

A photo of our shower/bath.

This was the rooms second living room. This area was off to the right of the kitchen. This room was decorated so beautifully. We did mot spend much time in this room. The far window had a view of Central Park.

One of the views out the window. That is Central Park to the right.

The second bedroom was at the end of the living room shown above. This is where our friend Julie stayed.

The second bedroom.

Look how incredible this bathroom & shower is.

That is officially the end of the tour. Like I mentioned previously if you would like to see a bit more higher quality photos, or stay in this amazing place. Feel free to check out the links I included above. None of this would have been possible without Julie, so thanks again so so so much.

Hope you all are have an amazing Friday and thanks so much for reading.



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