What I Eat In A Week

Hey guys, happy Thursday! Today I wanted to share with you what I ate this week. I know that this seems like an odd post, but I always find it so interesting to see what other people eat!

What I Had

What I have every morning for breakfast is a morning shake. You can find that recipe here, but it is sooooo delicious. It is basically just a greens smoothie that has lots of nutrients in it.

For lunch I had eggs and sausage. Eggs is also something that I eat quite regularly. The best thing ever is to put cheese and salsa on them. I know that sounds kind of gross, but it is so delicious I promise!

For dinner I had just some ground up beef, peppers, cabbage, and onions. This is a very basic meal, but it is very nutritious and delicious. 🙂

This is another one of my morning smoothies that I had this week. Except in this one I added peanut butter. Yummmmm. Also, in the background you can see one of my favorite fruits ever. Watermelon. I know that I didn’t include any pictures of it, but I went through two watermelon this week lol.

For lunch this day I had plain rice krispes with strawberries. I know this probably doesn’t look like the most delicious, but if you are a carb feen like me this is a great (healthier way) to fill that craving.

For dinner Estel and I had a peanut butter sandwich. Lol mine was obviously whole, but he prefers to eat his in small pieces. He is too cute!

This is just another not so pretty picture of one of my morning shakes.

Then for dinner this night I had spaghetti!! (not pictured). I absolutely love pasta and plain noodles with cheese is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. So yummy.

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed.



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