Whats in My Bag

For the longest time I never carried a purse around. It wasn’t until this past year that I realized how handy they truly are. It is always so nice to have your necessities near you when you are out and about. Typically, I prefer to carry tiny purses, but recently I have been expanding my horizons with that lol. I have found that the bigger the purse the more crap you can fit into it (duh Kate). But at the same time I do not really like lugging around a big purse. Which do you guys prefer?

Just yesterday I got my spring fab fit fun box in! Inside it was this super cute bag pack, so I switched all my stuff over to it and I am going to try it out for a little bit!

My Bag

This bag is by the brand deux lux, and is called the Demi backpack.

Here is the link to it!

Whats Inside

These are all my necessities! Starting from the left I have my wallet, pen, pencil, hair ties, vaseline (my fave chapstick), sunglasses, glasses, checkbook, paperclip, bag with more necessities in it, keys, earbuds, planner, and last but not least my water bottle! All of this is pretty self explanatory lol.

I love bath and body works body sprays. So goooooood

Inside that little silver bag (which I got from an Ipsy bag) I keep deodorant, lipstick, and body spray. On a daily basis I also keep my vaseline, earbuds, pen, pencil, keys, and hair ties in it as well. I just like everything to be together so I do not have to dig for it. My least favorite thing is digging for things in my purse, so I always try to keep everything as organized as possible.

Also, I got these sunglass from my fab fit fun box as well yesterday! They are by the brand Quay and are so cute. I will definitely be wearing them a lot this summer!

Thank you guys for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day.


Kate 🙂

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