What’s in my Makeup Bag

I have been wearing makeup since about my freshman year of high school. For the first two years that I wore makeup I would only wear mascara. It was not till I got my first boyfriend that I started wearing makeup lol. Since then I have developed a couple necessities in my makeup bag.

*Disclaimer this post does contain some affiliate links. If you purchase one of these items through the links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you!

  1. Beauty Blender- I absolutely love beauty blenders and the way they make my makeup look. I use this to apply both my foundation and powder.
  2. Ecotools Eyeshadow Brush– This pretty much explains my eyeshadow skills, because this is the only eyeshadow brush I own lol.
  3. Ecotools Brush– I know that this is supposed to be a powder brush, but I use it to apply bronzer.
  4. Anastasia Bronzer– I absolutely LOVE bronzer! It makes you look tan in even the darkest days of winter.
  5. Jane Iredale Foundation– I am personally not a fan of this foundation, but I have very sensitive skin so this is the only thing that doesn’t really break me out.
  6. Jane Iredale Powder– This is just the powder that goes along with the foundation.
  7. Jane Iredale Facial┬áSpray– A face mist that I put on after all my face makeup.
  8. Covergirl Eyeshadow Pallet– Just a basic neutral pallet that I use when I want to do eyeshadow.
  9. Better Than Sex Mascara- I love this mascara. It works really well, but it does have a bit of fallout as the day goes on.
This is typically what my daily makeup looks like!

Thats it! I would definitely like to expand my makeup collection at some point, but for right now these are my everyday products. Let me know what kind of products you guys use! Have a great day.



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