Sweet Sunday,  Thoughts of the Week

What’s New in my Life

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you what has been going on in my life recently. I used to do Sweet Sunday posts every Sunday that were like a review of my week. But since I stopped posting those posts so often, I decided that it was probably time to tell you guys what’s new in my life!

My Arbonne Business

You guys I am literally so happy to be telling you this that I am now a District Manager in Arbonne!!! Ahhhhh I am so excited you guys. I hit the first level out of four, got an 8% pay raise, and am now averaging $350-$1200 dollars a month. How cool is that?

I Switched Colleges

I made a post on this a couple weeks ago, but if you guys didn’t know I switched colleges lol. You can read the post I made about that if you want a more in depth story. But basically I visited the school I was going too, and decided I hated it and would rather jump off a cliff than go there. So instead I am going to a community college for a year to finish my associates! Hello budget friendly schooling. 😉

I Got A Boyfriend

I actually never officially announced this, but I have had one for like 2-3 months now lol. One day I just started saying “boyfriend” in a post and never really announced it. So here ya go haha I have a boyfriend. His name is Levi, he is 23 and o so cute.

Levi & I with our friends Jake & Corrie

I Have A Team

This one kind of goes hand in hand with the Arbonne one, but I actually started to build a big team. I now have four people on my team. I am learning everyday how to be a good leader. One thing I have learned is that I feel like I kind of always have to be “on.” Like I always want to be doing more than my team, so I can set a good example for them if that makes any sense.

My Sister is Moving Out

In officially two weeks I will no longer have my twin under the same roof as me. It will definitely be a bittersweet day, and a longer post will be coming on that topic very soon.

My Older Brother is Moving Back in

Lol it is kinda crazy how life works itself out. My sister is moving out to go away to college, and my brother is actually moving back in for the same reason. He is going to a university about 30 miles from my house and decided to move back in to save on money! He is a fun time, so I won’t mind having him under the same roof as me!

I think that is about all for now! Thanks for reading. 🙂



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