Why I Got A Credit Card & Why You Should Too

Good Morning you guys, happy Saturday! Hope you guys had a great week and are having an even better weekend. This week was pretty good for me, and I am so excited for some purchases I made last night. I have been in the spending mode the past few months, so for the next two months I am going to challenge myself to only spend $100 a month. Now that we brought up $$ I cannot wait to share with you about why I got a credit card.

Why I Got A Credit Card

About two months ago I was thinking about how it was getting close to time to buy a car. You know like I will be getting my free Mercedes Benz with arbonne soon. whoop whoop. And there is no way in hell that car will be put under another name besides my own. But not many car dealerships, if any are going to sell to an 18 year old girl who has no credit, so I decided that I was going to build myself some.

Credit cards have a super bad rap, but are also kind of necessary at some points in life. After you’re established in life, like you have a car, house, or other payments you probably don’t need one, but if you’re a person who doesn’t have any monthly payments you should probably get one. Having zero credit is exactly like having bad credit, which makes no sense, I know. But people just don’t have anything to base your credit score off of.

I chose to get the student discover card since I am a student. I have found it to be super awesome and easy to use. You get cashback, and I believe no interest for the first several months.

Some tips that I have been using to not go overboard with it is every time after I use it, I automatically subtract that amount from my bank account. Also, I pay it off in full before every month. Doing these two things has really helped me to keep track of my spending and not go overboard.

I can definitely see where a credit card could become a bad thing. Like if you just racked up a bunch of $$ and never paid it off. But if you stay on top of things it is the perfect way to start building your credit. Even if you just put simple things on there like gas, food, small bills, etc! In addition, if you are not a student they also just offer a basic credit card. 🙂

I really like how if my card gets stolen I can super easily turn it off and even get reimbursed for the cash stolen. So personally I think it is a lot safer than just scanning your debit card everywhere.

I think that about wraps everything up! Let me know your thoughts on credit cards down below!

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