Why I Started Reading Again

If most of you are like me you probably haven’t touched a book in a long time. The last time I have probably read a book from cover to cover was when I was reading You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, and that was when I was a freshman in high school 4 years ago. That book is absolutely amazing and I 100% recommend it.

Whenever I get assigned to read books in English classes I rarely ever read them. Personally, I would rather be doing something I enjoy than reading a book that does not interest me. Sparknotes would be my best friend every time I got a new reading assignment. This is not a very good idea, and I know my grade has probably suffered a little bit, but now a days I will just read the book and get it over with. Most of the time you will at least learn something, or gain the feeling of a new experience.

Rachel Hollis came out with the book, “Girl Wash Your Face”. I had heard great reviews about it, and I am a sucker for self-help books. One day I was at my grandmas and she had the book. I sat down to read it, and I could not put it down. It is an amazing book that I find truly so inspiring. There are however I think like two chapters that are directed towards mom and woman who have children, but other than that this book can apply to any type of person. Another book I read after this is called Quirky. This book is written about Einstein, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, and many other very important people. It talks about their lives, working habits, and gives many inspiring quotes. Towards the end of the book I started to get a bit bored, but again I felt as if I had gained knowledge and almost as if I gained a life experience. It feels a little weird saying that, but it is kind of true. We gain experiences as we live through the lives of the characters. It really is amazing.

It is one of my resolutions this year to try and read a book each week. I know that sometimes this might not be attainable, but it is definitely a goal. I used to be someone that hated books, and would have rather watched 3 hours of youtube, than read a book for 3 hours. Trust me when I say you will feel so fulfilled and accomplished after you finish reading.

I recommend finding a genre of books that you really enjoy. I enjoy self-help books and light hearted, happy stories. Those might not be your thing, so try to branch out and see what you like.

Make sure to comment down below what kind of books you guys enjoy reading. 🙂



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