Winter Outfit Lookbook

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! Today I wanted to get on here and share with you some affordable winter outfit ideas. Also, just a little warning I am an outfit repeater haha. And once I find a clothing piece I really like I just make different outfits around it. I love to splurge on a few quality pieces like jeans & jackets, but other than that I could care less! So I hope you enjoy this comfy, cute, and affordable winter outfit lookbook.

Outfit #1

This is one of my go-to outfits on the daily. This look just screams cozy vibes.

  • Cardigan- Gap
  • Shirt-American Eagle
  • Jeans-Topshop Jamie Jean
  • Bracelet-Handmade

Outfit #2

This outfit is what I usually go with when I have more formal events to attend. Like going to any winter parties, weddings, church, or anything of that sort.

  • Dress-American Eagle
  • Boots-T.J Maxx (the best place to find affordable boots)
  • Leather Jacket-T.J Maxx

Outfit #3

This picture was taken while in New York. It was the true test of my jeans to see just how amazing they are. These Jamie Jeans are no joke haha. I am super picky when it comes to jeans, and I wore these while walking several miles and did not even get a small amount of thigh rub. So amazing.

  • Sweater- American Eagle
  • Jeans-Topshop Jamie Jeans
  • Shoes-Converse

Outfit #4

The weather here in Illinois has been super bipolar this winter season. Somedays it is fifty and above! Other days it could be in the 15s! Therefore, one of the best things to do (besides checking the weather in the morning), is to layer! I love adding my leather jacket for more of a sleek look, or just a basic jean jacket.

  • Shirt-T.J Maxx (haha you are probably seeing a trend of where I shop)
  • Belt-Kohls
  • Jeans- Topshop Jamie Jeans (honestly the only ones I wear)
  • Shoes- Skechers

Outfit #5

At first I didn’t really know about this outfit, but the more I wear it the more it really grows on me.

  • Sweater -Forever 21
  • Jeans- You already know 🙂
  • Boots- T.J Maxx
  • Leather Jacket- T.J Maxx

Outfit #6

Now finally a look that I actually wear on a daily basis. You can usually find me in leggings, tennis shoes, and this particular sherpa 5/7 days of the week. My work doesn’t really have a dress code, and I chase around toddlers all day, so this is typically my go-to!

  • Sherpa- Sams Club for like $10. Such a steal!!!
  • Loggins-Lululemon Align
  • Shoes- Adidas (my faves)

Here is another way that I like to style this look. 😉

Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope that you enjoyed this post!!



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