Zaful Bikini Haul

Just a little disclaimer that this is not a sponsored post at all. All these opinions are mine, and I have been genuinely wanting to try these swimsuits out.

For the longest time I have heard about these bikinis that are super cheap and supposedly good quality. That sounds amazing right?! Typically, swimsuits cost anywhere from $50 to $100 dollars and up. I hate spending that much for a swimsuit that may only last me a year.

This year I decided to purchase 5 swimsuits from this cheap website and see just how good they are. I would have taken pictures of all of them on me, but I do not really feel comfortable doing that yet lol. I watched review after review on Youtube to hopefully pick out the best quality ones. I hope you enjoy!

I got all these swimsuits in a size small. I do not have my exact measurements, but just for reference I am 5’7, 145lbs, and wear a 34c bra size.

For some reason I could not find this exact swimsuit, but here is one just like it except in gray.

Pictured above is the first swimsuit I purchased. It costs $18.06 and is currently on sale. I know that off the shoulder swim suits are not very practical, but they are just so stinking cute! I could have sized up in this one, because I did have a bit of underboob going on lol. The bottoms are super thin, and at first I thought they were going to be shear, but luckily they were not! Also, the bottoms are medium to full coverage. I would rate this swimsuit about a 4/10. There is really nothing wrong with it, just not quite my style.

You can find this one here.

The cost of this swimsuit is $15.99. This swimsuit comes with straps, and if you are going to be swimming with it on I highly recommend using them. The swimsuit is completely held up by your chest. There is no grippy stuff on the inside, and there is hardly any elasticity in it. It is however super cute and would be great for sunbathing, or to wear as a tube top! It is also not sheer when it gets wet! Which was one of my main concerns. The bottoms are super cheeky and do not stay in the same place. The lining of the bottoms tends to fold in at times. Overall, I would rate this one a 5/10.

Don’t hate me, but I could not find this swimsuit anywhere! I think they may have taken it off. So sorry!!

This swimsuit comes with straps, and it has super cute side cut outs on the bottoms as you can see. The bottoms are medium coverage. There is a little bit of padding in this swimsuit, but nothing crazy. It isn’t very supportive, but it is hard to find a bandeau top that is supportive lol. I believe I paid $15.99 for this one. I would rate it a 6/10.

Find this swimsuit here.

This swimsuit cost $15.99, and is my absolute favorite! I want one in every color. The top is a little revealing, but it is very supportive. It also has cup pads in the top. I would say that the bottoms are medium coverage. Definitely worth every penny for this swimsuit! I would rate it 8/10! Highly recommend.

You can find this swimsuit here.

The swimsuit pictured above like many others also cost $15.99. This one is super trendy, and I really like that the top is solid black. You can pair it with pretty much any swimsuit bottom. Padding also comes in this swimsuit. It would be great for sunbathing and light activity. It does have lining around the top and bottom which does help keep it in place. The bottoms fall just below my belly button, which is good if you are into the high waist trend. Overall, I would rate this one a 5/10.

I was very impressed with these swimsuits! They are not as good of quality as some designer brands obviously, but you definitely get your moneys worth and more! I think from now on I am going to invest into one or two quality swimsuits and then just get a few super cute cheap ones from here! Highly recommend if you are a budget shopper like me. 🙂

Since it is almost bikini season be sure to go check out my How to Get Rid of Body Acne post. I hope you guys are having a lovely start to your week.

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